How do you like my song?

What do you think of the song I wrote?

More Than You Know I dream about me and you Being so close That there’s nothing about us That we don’t know But I try and I try to make it real But now my dreams are only what I feel

Chorus You don’t know what its like, to be by yourself No one to reach out to you when you call for help Yeah I love you more than words could ever say And I hope in my heart you feel the same way I need you, I breathe you, I feel you More than you know

When I saw you for the first time And talked to you You seemed like a nice guy That I knew And I remember that day and think of you Every day and every night, in everything I do


I gotta find it in my heart To say what I think to you Then you’ll say the same thing And tell me the truth That you also dreamt of us together Just me and you But that’s in my dreams That’s nothing new But I pray that its in your dreams too

Chorus x2 I need you I breathe you I feel you more than you know. More than you know

Answer #1

That’s awesome great stuff. I’m definately singing thos. Lol

Answer #2

OMG I cried too!!! What a beautiful poem it really touched me!!! ♥

Answer #3


That made me tear up, no joke. It’s beautiful, and I can relate to it completely… Omg hun you amde me cry! lol

It was beautiful!

Answer #4

Wow thats good. I like it!

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