How can I solve this drug problem?

I think my dad is taking something, actually im convinced. I am currently working with a couple of users, and they say he is probably a user of something, he is hypo, and now had grey teeth and a grey tongue, which spells out P. But my lil bro is on Ritalin, so he might be popping one or two of those occasionally. He is very slim, aged badly and a smoker and heavy drinker. Im quite worried, if he is using something, it is the end of us, he wont ever see or hear from me again

Answer #1

I don’t recommend confronting him yet. My dad is an alcoholic/drug user and when I talked to him about it our relationship was ruined for a long time. What I believe you should do is tell your mom, grandparent, aunt or uncle (someone you are more comfortable with) and have them talk to him. Good Luck message me if you need more help

Answer #2

You have to confront him. Let him know all that is going on. My dad use to be an alcaholic and all that and this can be perty bad. But also your little brother, he is yung and his life is getting ruined.

Get help for them there are manny places where people can get teraphy and get over adictiong. 714-new-hope is a hotline. here you can talk about what is going on and also they will give you places were you can get help for them to stop all this. This can be the end for them if they don’t get this treated, your dad is literally killing himself little by little. Plese het help for him and little brother.


Answer #3

I agree with Iholly(symmetry is great lol) you should try and help him he’s four dad.

Answer #4

I may of read that wrong, I read it twice lol. But if he is using something, shouldn’t you at least try to help him before you say it’s the end of you both?

Answer #5

methamphetamine, I guess it could be Ritalin start counting the pills. Grey teeth and tongue= meth more times than not but he could be huffing or smoking real good crack. I dont know really what to tell you about making him stop, he is a grown man.

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