Real answer for my drug problem please? :]

Come now. Not everyone is as weak as media likes to make you believe. Smoking weed is not as bad as ciggs, in my opinion. One could argue that smoking could be as bad as putting foreign chemicals in your body. I, being experienced, beg to f*ckin differ =]

My question is do system cleaners for marijuana have any shitty side affects? An answer with out the words I already know. “smoking is bad” “just stop smoking” (well no sh*t huh?) juuust wondering about system cleaner side affects. Cant find anything on google because it thinks youre talking about computer system cleaner.

Answer #1

They Dont work…do not rely on those.. the best way to do that is this, and I swear by it..You dont know me but trust me.. if you are trying to pass a urine anaylisis then the best way to do it is .. Before you goto bed the night before the test drink as much water as you can stomach. then when you wake up to pee after that drink as much as you can and just keep drinking water like a lot of it just keep drinking it then one hour before your test drink ice cold water atleast 2 liters..your body will not be able to store the water in the fat cells long enough to leave any trace of drug use. and your urine will come out clean I promise.. it will work…

Answer #2

they shouldnt have any side affects. and I totally agree. about weed not being as bad as ciggs. but I’ve heard of herbal ciggs without nicotine. lol.

Answer #3

I’ve tred one of the system cleaners and I didnt have and e side effects

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