Weed + drug test = problem!! Please help

The last time I smoked weed was on tuesday and I have to take a drug test tomorrow (which is friday) for a job in which I am applying… I really need this job and I know I won’t pass because it will have only been three days but what if I drink water all night and all morning long? Will that flush it out just enough to be able to pass?

Answer #1

I am on parole and smoke heavy every day. I use certo fruit pectain. I see a lot of bullshit on here about it but TRUST me I drop weekly and pass.I mix both packets of certo with 20oz of water. then drink another 1-2 liters of water mix in creatine supp. so you dont get a dilluted.piss atleast 4-5 times before test oh yea chew a couple multivitamins during this process if you are worried about the color all my test go to the lab and everythings cool. certo$4.00 and the creatine is around 5

Answer #2

The biggest question is: what is your height and weight? If you have more body fat, it will take longer for THC to leave your system, as it is stored in the fat cells. If your’e bean pole skinny you can be clean in about 3 days if you hydrate frequently and stay active.

Answer #3

O-Ow…Someone’s in trouble…

It’s okay just take this as life’s many wise lessons…


Okay good luck on your NEXT job drug test.

Answer #4

that was a dumb thing to do…guess ya gotta deal with the consequences of making stupid decisions

Answer #5

Nope, nothing will clean your system that fast. Sucks for you.

Answer #6

if you need this job why do the drug?? but I highly doubt it, goodluck neway.

Answer #7

You’re doomed…

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