Is jail the right place for people with a drug problem?

Do you think jail is the correct place for someone who has a drug problem?

Answer #1

the war against drugs is useless theres more people on drugs now than when it started, do you really think the 17 y/o kid tryingf to get high and enjoy it deserves to be in jail? maybe the dealer but with out him we have no weed

Answer #2

no if a person has a drug problem then he/she belongs in a rehab center and a 12 step program..that is if the person is hooked and cannot live without drugs..

if the person is selling drugs for money then yes he/she should be in jail.

Answer #3

No. Jail is not the answere. Does someone go to jail for a drunk? no, well if they where caught driving one to many times or killed someone while driving drunk. Other than that they don’t go to jail for being a drunk! Our government is behind the majority of all drug imports in this country. In your town alone how many times have you read about a cop or cops being arrested for drug sales? Happens a lot here in Virginia. And there is a reason for it. Jail is not the answere, but it does provide job security for our law enforcement officles.

Answer #4

NO THEY DO NOT belong in jail..they belong in church! no 12-step program will help, only gods ONE STEP PROGRAM will me ok i used to be BAD on drugz i mean stealing from family and jus abt everything else (except anything sexual)[PRAISE GOD] mi advice for whoever u asked ab this for shuld go to thier nersest chuch and REPENT and ask God for 4giveness, and God WILL forgive! God is the ONLY thing that will help! he WILL deliver he/she/or you from drugz i PROMISE! but u have to believer in ur heart that he will and guess what? he WILL! so go to ur nearest church and REPENT!

Answer #5

No, I don’t think jail is the correct place to be. If you are very young at all most of the inmates will take advantage of you and what good would that be to you??? They have drug counseling centers for teens and young adults and also places where you can go, to get off of drugs with the help of a professional. Going to jail will give you a criminal record and it is hard for most people w/a record to find a job. Good luck to you and may the hand of the Lord be upon you!

Answer #6

Sure that or counseling makes the most sense. If it’s illegal drugs then jail makes sense, but if they really need mental help, then counseling would probably be more beneficial.

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