How can I lose 5 inches off my waist and hips in 5 weeks?

Im going into the Army and I need to lose 5 inches off my waist and hips in 5 weeks what is the best and quickest way?

Answer #1

Uh, you need to be tiny to get into the Army? O.o

Answer #2

how can I loose five inches off my waist in two months and loose my stomic the summer is coming up and need to look good and a swim suit.

Answer #3

you don’t need to be tiny to get into the army, just really fit.

I suggest you go for a run 3 times a week, and do sit ups every night before bed, and every morning when you wake up. it doesnt have to be terrible, just do as many as possible, and count them, try and add on 5 each night until you are up to 60ish. it will only take you 10 mins or less. you could do them in ad breaks when watching tv.

you should run in the morning before breakfast, you will have more energy and burn more calories that way.

you must must must drink water all day.a glass with every meal, and a glass between every meal and make sure you drink after you have done situps and run.

eat healthy foods. you dont have to go health-nut, you can have a slice of cake at the weekend, but just remember, only one. (this is where I have trouble haha)

eat fruit for breakfast, (water), sandwich for lunch, (water), and something healthy for dinner, water!, for a snack, go for a banana, apple or avacado on crackers etc. and water!! :)

just make sure your portions are a bit smaller than before.

im trying to lose weight for the police force and get fitter. GOOD LUCK!!! :)

Answer #4

Save your energy and what ever fat you have, you’ll need it once you start training in the army. Just make sure that you are healthy before you go in.

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