What do you think of my poems?

hey yall its me again… why is it always me that gets the men that only want to use me?? my heart has been broken.. and I cont seem to see… the brighter side of this apple tree!! read then coment on the poems.. and let me know what you think I shoudl do?

I wish that I, wasn’t in love with you, so you coldn’t hurt me. It just aint fair, the way you treat me. no you dont deserve me… Waisting my time, thinking about you, and you aint nevergunna change! I wish I wasn’t in love with you, so you couldn’t hurt me!! And I wouldn’t feel this way!!

This is the way, that I state my independence. that I’m no longer connected, To your memory This is the day, that I’m makeing my deffection, that I claim back the affection that you stole form me, I used to hear your music so loud, its so low, that your just another face in the crowed, I feel as though.. I’m broken angle on the grond, Or a syphony with out a sound. I make no sence to you!

my wrists are bleeding and I cant see. my life is nothing but a fantasy. no one knows who I really am.. because I’m not even sure if I can.. I lie here now on my floor.. saying goodbye as you come through my door. waiting and yelling is all I can hear.. as I say my last prayers and you dissapear. I’m dead now and you can see. I’m hapire than I’ll ever be. I love you all but you must know.. I’m nothing special so let me go. I’m in this place where everyone can cope And all I can think of is your lost hope. I know I’m gone, But you must see, The brighter side of the apple tree. I knw you nkow I’m here, but am I ready dear? To take on the world, That doesn’t know how to talk on me!??

I am a teenage girl in a complex world! I love to love people, but people love to hate me? I’m confused as to what to do! Can you help me? Follow when I charge, Lay low when I whisper, Fear not for I will take you there! Place your trust in me!! Laughter comes easily yet is only outward! I am a ten ticket thrill ride. You don’t know weather you should step inside! Puck rock/emo is my method of madness. It is what helps me protect/hide the agony and disappointment inside! Six whole hours and five long days, Is as long as I get to be in my “safe” place. Alone in my own little world, Weeping for someone to help. Telling me my “safe” place is GONE!! At all costs I am held speechless, But when I speak you know I’m there! I hold you accountable for what’s inside. You are my pain, I must set aside!! To all of you that know, And for those of you who don’t! I’m telling you now, I’ve lost all hope!! I keep telling myself there someone out there, But who shall it be, To be my snuggly bear! I am JUST a teenage girl, Who obviously has something to say! So here I am world, Now you must pay!!!

It’s nothing like you’ve ever imagined. It’s all different from today. You all know who you are. But do you all know who to pay? I’ve known for so long now, But you don’t understand. What I’ve been through and what I’ve seen. You don’t know who I am, Because I’m not sure I even know who I am! Sure over the years my hearts has been broken. How can your heart not break when you loose a loved one? Or when a child suffers? Or even when somebody’s beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what give us strength, understanding and compassion. A hearts never broken is pristine and sterile, And will never know the joy of being imperfect!

Answer #1

Broken Heart is common to most all of us at one time or another - nice poem - hang in there, you never know when it’s suddenly your day to bask in the warmth of a loving relationship - make better choices in men (values/integrity)…I wish you every happiness !!

Answer #2

steph, I liked your answer it made me laugh its like “geez dont open your legs so easy” xD anyway I think you just need to ease into things dont fall in love so quick

btw your poems are so unique gotta love it lol

Answer #3

Whoa… That’s a really good poem. It has great descriptions and wordchoice. But placing that aside, I’d say you need to stop dating for a while. Then come back. And when you date someone try to get to share moments with that person, and have things in common. Be sure you’re comfortable around them.

Answer #4

WOW! That is on great poem I wish I could write like you:)

Answer #5

its a great peom

Answer #6

To avoid getting used; get to know someone well enough before dating them, and don’t be easy.

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