What happened to the teachers that actually cared about the students?

The school I go to has nearly an 75% staff that doesn’t give a care about the students. Ever since I attended this school since 6th grade my grades have dropped major, and I’ve never had a D in my life until going to this school. I blame the staff for not taking the right actions to help students but to keep yelling about their behavior and just send them out of the room instead of finding out the story

Answer #1

Your school sounds really crumby. The school I went to had teachers like that but other teachers like my art teacher actually did care and she helped me so much I would not have graduated without her. She told me when people are going to knock you down you need to pick yourself up and dust yourself off…I am sorry the teachers are not being attentive and you are getting bad grades but maybe you should try a tutor if your teachers are not helping you.

Answer #2

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you. You know what I noticed has happened in the past 10 years of so, kids have become ruder and have gotten more rights then they need. I have never had a problem with teachers, but I had MY attitude right. It isn’t the teacher’s fault you are failing. YOU ARE responsible for your own learning. If you don’t understand then you need to self study and figure it out and ask for help. I don’t blame teachers at all. It is the parent’s responsibility to ask kids what is wrong, it shouldn’t be pushed upon teachers. They are there to make sure that you get the work, not to sympathize with every single kid that has a fit.

Answer #3

It’s either personal lives, paycheck, or something going on between staff. Try going in for extra help, and if not, get a tutor, or something. Theres not much to do in this situation. You can ask for a transfer or send in a complaint to the office. I’m sorry :) Wish i could be more help. I guess you could think of it has an obstacle or a challenge that you can learn to overcome somehow? Might help raise your grades…js :S

Answer #4

Actually I am not the reason why I am failing, there are students who act out in class, so then the teacher stops everything and just tells everyone to sit down and we are all getting f’s for todays assignment all because of one or a few people. So it’s not my fault

Answer #5

I really don’t care about their personal lives, they should follow the same rules we follow no cell phones, dress code, and keep the drama at home. No one needs the negativity spread around them.

Answer #6

Are you standing up against those children? Have you spoken to your headmaster, your parents? You are the reason you are failing if you are sitting back and not standing up for the teacher. It’s is hell fighting against a whole class.

Answer #7

Teachers are liable for figuring out if something is wrong especially if a child has never had bad grades before and is all of a sudden failing or showing other signs…sometimes the problems lie in the house and if teachers notice signs like grade drops and what not and the child is having major problems at home then the teacher is also faced with lawsuits….if she stated she has never had her grades so low before then a teacher should investigate im not saying its not her fault but at the same time teachers should recognize when a student is struggling

Answer #8

Yes, they should,but it is the parent’s job as well. People always lay the blame on the teachers. Where are the parents? If I was failing my parent’s would run to the school. Teachers are there to make sure that all the material is being taught. I firmly believe and will maintain that every individual is personally responsible for ther own learning. It is not the teachers responsibility to sort out every moodswing and issue that a kid has. That is their family’s responsibility.

Answer #9

If she fights teachers they can send her away so she gets in more trouble creating more tension later on because now the teacher knows who is going to yell at them or fight them that isnt the right course to take

Answer #10

Yelling and fighting isn’t constructive, however speaking to the teacher or attempting to act like an adult should have a positive effect. Also why aren’t the parents speaking to the teacher? Where are they? Kids shouldn’t be yelling at their teachers to start with.

Answer #11

Ok and children don’t tell everything to their parents. like me as a guardian of my little brothers does not hear what went down and so on and so forth so I expect the teacher to notify me when something is up instead of me having to find out when it is too late to fix. Teachers who are mostly parents too know the story and if something seems funny should notify. Yes I believe it is right to be responsible but at the same time kids just want to be kids most don’t worry about school until highschool or the “big leagues” and by then it is too late to go back and have your parents or anyone fix it.

Answer #12

It’s never too late. I blame the parents. Parents are the number one persons who are responsible for kids learning. And if problems at school arise and they see their chidren’s grades drop it is their responsibility to personally enquire with the teacher regardless of what your child tells you. The problem with our society is that parent’s aren’t active enough and that is why you get schools like this, because the PARENTS cannot control their kids and teach them respect.

Answer #13

And if parents are not around…..

Answer #14

It doesn’t relieve them from their responsibility if they do not want to be involved. If the parents are involved the teachers will be notified. That occurs in all schools, you cannot enter one without having a parent or guardian. Then it is the guardians responsibility more than the teacher.

Answer #15

then the guardian is responsible. who ever is that childs guardian i will have to agree with irene. kids always blame the teachers for there mistakes. they have there own mind and they can study just fine. if they feel they have bad grades then do somethin about it. study

Answer #16

we achieve are own goals. nobody can do it for us. sometimes we gotta work hard. get ready for life cuz its not fair and it gets a lot harder.

Answer #17

I understand all that but there are cases in which teachers grade unfairly. Like my brother’s math teacher just now gave him all of his quarter three’s work back and told him to fix it all. He signs and dates it to indicate he corrected it…my brother has really bad dyslexia and one worksheet took him two hours to complete with no distractions I know because we do not have a tv anywhere near where we do homework….why didn’t the teacher give it to him the day after he corrected it so my brother could fix it…..are you going to say that is my fault because I get emails to make sure he has all his homework from his special ed teachers……

Answer #18

Why didn’t you discuss it with them after he got graded. Surely if the teacher was aware of the situation she would have corrected it or given him more time? Everyone makes mistakes and I still maintain that parents and students have more responsibility that teachers to follow up and discuss why they aren’t getting where they have to get.

Answer #19

im not sure wat ur saying? ur brother made mistakes? the teacher corrected them? and then told him to re due it?

Answer #20

it sounds like the teacher is wantin him to learn it good. so he dont get a bad grade

Answer #21

the teacher does know and he just gave him all the paper work today….I go through my brother’s back pack with him everyday, i email teachers and his special education teacher emails teachers, i have monthly meetings infact one is coming up soon, my brother even stays after school tuesday wednesday and thursday to get extra help or to get more time on tests. The teacher just decided to hand him back all his homework today and have him fix all the mistakes so he can hand it back in and get re-graded. how is it my fault he did not get the homework the day after the teacher corrected it???

Answer #22

i don’t see the problem? He still received it back? Is she giving him insufficient time to complete it? Has he mentioned that to her or asked for an extension? And it is good that you are both involved, but you still need to communicate with the teacher if this is a problem. I don’t however see how this is an issue unless she expects him to finish it in an unreasonable amount of time.

Answer #23

and yes angel that is exactly what i am saying only its like 20 assignments due by the last day of the quarter…… not everything is the child and parents’ responsibility…….i know people blame teachers left and right but what i am saying is in some cases it is the teacher’s fault not in all but in some.

Answer #24

well maybe the teacher added up the grades at the end the school year and seen he would not pass so teach does not want that. so teach is givin him a 2nd chance to make it through that year to the next grade. its hard but it mite be necessary. its good ur there for him. thats all u can do is help him.

Answer #25

the third quarter ends according to the school calendar next friday…….basically this week is nice out and my brother is stuck inside doing his least favorite thing to do.

Answer #26

I agree with you that in some cases it is the teachers fault, but people use that as the general excuse.It is first and foremost the parents and learners fault. I still think that you should phone the teacher and discuss it. Also maybe she was considering your brother’s situation and giving him the work when he actually will have time to do it?

Answer #27

Not too change topic nice profile picture angel XD

Answer #28

here’s the thing. my dad thinks when i fail the teacher is failing. i mean when i do fail on a grade my dad will go straight to that teacher and say you are failing as a teacher he dont care how they feel he will tell them straight up. see i think its the students and the teachers fault because the teacher isnt teaching you better or your just not paying attention but.. if your failing then the teacher is failing thats how my dad sees it.

Answer #29

You know, coming from a school where the average graduation rate is 50% or lower, and teachers are trying to take responsibility themselves for the children, it just doesn’t happen. For one, it’s 1 teacher ranging from 15- 35 students per class. Not only that, the school that I go to seems to be forcibly receiving some of the worst students in the district and by law, they cannot turn them down.

What is the school supposed to do then? Grades, student attendance, and for high schools, students that decide to apply to the school make the difference. Is the school forced to act like a parent for these children or simply present information to students, hand an assignment and that’s it.

While you can say that children should each do their own part in school, we have to face the fact that they are children and what she is talking about here ranges from children from 8th grade to 6th grade. Good habits are especially hard to come by because even if you can implant them into a child, what’s to say their friends won’t reason with them better than you did making them adapt to bad habits?

A teacher can only do so much and everyone needs to play a role in student teaching. Teachers need to teach, parents need to implant and enforce good habits, and other students are there to make to school less of a hassle than it really is. But you can’t make a utopia in this world, there are going to be problems but some schools are getting it right. It’s just a matter of realizing how they are doing it.

As for you, you can do good in this school, you can ask your teacher after class to teach you the lesson, you can do some tutoring, and you can do some intervention (aka: student gov’t.) that’s only if you care enough about school.

Answer #30

They gave up caring once they noticed that people no longer accept responsibility for their actions. Are you serious? It’s all the teachers, and not you? That goes beyond the level of delusional.

Answer #31

oh thank u :) i changed it lol.. i wish u the best with ur bro.. get him somethin nice for all his hard work

Answer #32

I feel ur pain, i actually have dyslexia. and it’s horrible but i’ve learnt to live with it, it took me a while to get use to but i actually read so many books tht, while reading i find it gets better. But my teachers treat me lyk im somebody they have to talk slow to, and that i need extra help, but i dn’tt. Wat im trying to say is that all teachers are donkeys butts sometimes. At the skwl i go to it’s called Wheeling Middle School and theres this teacher there who’s name is mrs.bennet and she’s the best teacher in the world, she treats me lyk im a real normal person and everything but all the other teachers r jst ignorant

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