Should a teacher be fired for telling a student this?

…that they are hopeless,never will amount to anything in life, and they should go ahead and stop caring now?

Answer #1

Yes, but in actuality they probably wouldnt want to take the time to replace that teacher and all that jazz so I doubt anything will be done about it.

Answer #2

Wow that’s harsh. Well if the teacher said “IF you don’t get it togeher, you will be hopeless and never will amount to anything in life.” then that’s fine but they said that just b/c yes they should be fired.

Answer #3

i know but they should be!

Answer #4

i would go up to her and say “I don’t care who you are, NO ONE talks to me like that!” then leave the class and go home.

Answer #5

not goin to say yes or no but aint teachers reponse to encourage kids on and not turn them down they r here to teach not to put kids down the is full of bs they should get in trouble with the board or something

Answer #6

You know whenever I hear an extraction of a story which has an obvious answer (i.e. we all agree that those are harsh words), I always wonder what exactly has been left out. How about a little context, so we know why this hypothetical teacher, who has after all decided that they want to work with kids for a living, is being this harsh.

Answer #7

Sometimes all the teacher wants is to incourage the student, yes in a harsh way but sometimes it works. I dont think the teachet should be fired, I have had teachers that have said that, that have said things worse than that and truth is, is that the teacher is telling the truth, sometimes all it takes is to put the truth in someones eyes in order for them to realize some things. I have a freshmen skills class, and they devided us in the order of those above and beyond students and those “at risk” students, I was put in the class that is the most at risk freshmen to drop out, I dont even know why but they did. Teacher that is teaching us now, is the best teacher I have ever had. He called us f*ck ups, and that we were nothing and what not, at some point his speech did get to me at some point or another, in some ways it got some students, in somr other way it got to others to the point where it made them cry. He did not get fired, although someone did tell the principle, because he told us a truth and made a difference, I rather have a teacher that does that, because in some way I know they care. Its better than having someone making me think everything it will be ok when it wont.

Answer #8

Yes totally?It’s common sense.The childs parents would get that person fired anyways.They should keep their opinions to themselves,they are there to teach not to judge peoples lifestyles&futures.

Answer #9

This actually happened to a friend of mine. the p.e teacher stood outside, telling her she would never amount to anything or get married and would have to live a sad life raising three kids on her own. also called her some others things. i personally think we all have our bad days and we say some things we shouldnt but to ruin a kids dreams like that, to tell them that theyll go anywhere in life is unexcusable and pathetic.

Answer #10

there’s nothing else to it…that’s all she said b/c the kid was failin the class

Answer #11

And this kid is always on time to class, never skips a class, always turns in homework, studies, is quiet and non-disruptive?

Answer #12

I agree with Ty. Usually, a teacher doesn’t just randomly say something like that to a good student, who is doing everything they are supposed to be doing. They say it because the kid is not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Not doing their homework, not caring about school, not paying attention in class, and failing in class because of it.

Answer #13

No, her teacher is a b—-.

Answer #14

I seriously doubt the teacher said it for no reason…

Answer #15


Answer #16

I mean,I know you think you know it all…but ya don’t. This girl wasn’t the type to not do good in school. The teacher was a b_—-.

Answer #17

I never claimed to know it all? You shouldn’t make posts if you are going to get an attitude with the people posting their opinions. :/

Answer #18

Hard to comment when we hear only one side of a story.

I had teachers who didn’t like me and told me I would be a failure; they didn’t like my values or worldview and saw my approach to life as a dead end. I had other teachers who thought I had a great deal of potential. It was up to me to demonstrate which assessment was correct.

Answer #19

I don’t have an attitude…that’s what you can’ distinguish…

Answer #20

Well it seems like you do. I give my opinion, and you say I think I know it all but I don’t…when I never claimed to know it all. Chill out.

Answer #21

it depents on is it a health teacher if no then yesbecause regular teacher should be staing on the subject there doing

Answer #22

You don’t have to claim to know it all. You always have the tendency to argue with me… I mean, I know what I’m talkin about. the whole “ i seriously doubt the teacher….” …how do you know? exactly. you don’t. That’s what I meant. And please don’t tell me what to do. I’ll appreciate it.

Answer #23

I never said I knew. I was giving my opinion. I said “I doubt”…that doesn’t mean “I know for sure she didn’t”… I am not the one starting arguments with you…I simply gave my opinion…and you didn’t agree with it. If you want to have an attitude with me every time I post my opinion, or answer something…fine. Go ahead.

Answer #24

STOP. If you guys want argue, take it off the board. This has nothing to do with the question.

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