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This is quite long…sorry

Today I was threatened by a university teacher (no joke) He said he was gonna slap me, because I persisted on getting an apology for him throwing a pen in the middle of the class towards me (he thought I was talking loud when I wasnt talking at all), I geared up all my manners and talked to him as an adult and asked for an apology, he just waved me away saying “yeah yeah sorry”, then he told me to piss off because I told hm to show a little bit more respect, I was awe struck and asked him again nicely what he said…then he said hed slap me, so I was pissed and walked away cursing (not at him just cursing in general) he comes outside and grabs my arm and tells me to go with him to the parking lot (where there are no security cameras) I told him to get off and again he threatened me… (at least 20 people saw what happened and none stood up to tell the truth)

So I did what was right and told the head of the medical department the whole story He came into class accusing me of lying to him and asking me what I had said to the teacher, it took a while to understand what he meant…he wanted to know what id cursed and told me to write it on the board because he thought I was a lying scared little kid. So I did word for word, because I had nothing to hide… I asked to confront the teacher and talk to him in front of the head, I was denied the right… Also I wasnt allowed to speak anymore about requesting to view the tapes of the security cameras that filmed the whole thing… So in the end they said theyd meet up with all my other teachers and talk about either expelling me or firing the teacher…im a quiet student in all my classes, good grades, no enemys so I think ill get out of this alive but still the way it will be handled bugs me a lot

Do you think its right for them to do this? Has this ever happened anywhere around you? If I am expelled is there anything I can do to request my rights?

Im very frustrated, sorry for the long read.

Answer #1

dude… that’s BS!

Answer #2

get a public defender. or a lawyer. there needs to be some justice. the teacher needs to stop being a little bi*. he sounds like he doesnt want to lose his job.

Answer #3

Reflect carefully/honestly on your actions and if they were not proper, apologize - if he is out of line, report him to his superiors for action - in life we have to choose our battles carefully - it is often better to lose the battles to win the war - the authority / power is on his side…I wish you the best !!

Answer #4

young money I want to finish my school without having bad attention, I drew enough of it in high school

keeping 2 of my friends back from kicking his head in was hard enough and id just get the blame if they did…

Answer #5

Some professors are prima donnas.. They think the whole world (or at least all students) should bow down to their greatness.

I remember one battle I had with a research chemist. He made an off-the-cuff statement about the chemical composition of a product that he knew nothing about. From previous work I was very familiar with the chemical composition of it so I tried to politely correct him but he seemed offended at the arrogance of an undergraduate who wasn’t even a chemistry major correcting him.

When I refused to back down it angered him even more. I knew that I had the truth on my side. Several other chemists asked to see my chemical CV to which I replied that truth does not depend on what degrees you hold. I produced evidence that my information was correct and was accused of “cherry picking” only information that supported my claim (the research chemist produced no evidence for his claims).

In the end 2/3s of the chemists shunned me and the other 1/3 told me privately that I was obviously right, that the research chemist was an arse, and that I should probably just let the issue rest.

Answer #6

If they expell you, you need to get a lawyer.

You should go to the Dean of the school, and not just the head of the department. It might be good if you get the campus police involved (since they review the security tapes) just tell them you were assaulted in such and such hallway and they will review the tape and create a police report. (documentation on your side is always a good thing.) Make sure your story does not change at all. Any change in your story will complicate things, and make it look like you are lying. Even if you are telling the truth.

Your teacher was definitely in the wrong for assaulting you. It is illegal, and violates like every policy in the book, and corrupts student teacher relations.

You might want to apologise for cursing, but not for anything else.

A friend of mine got one of his teachers fired for being an asshole. He would fail a student if they handed in a written paper with a word crossed out on it. My friend went to the dean and also got the students to sign a petition. He even took some of his failed papers to other teachers in the department and had them give him a second oppinion… which was all evidence he took to the dean.

Answer #7

Don’t make enemy’s of teachers, they always win. If they do expel you get the goddamn tape! Even get it now so it can’t “go missing”.

Answer #8

uhm yeah that would have been great advice if I hadnt done that already and it backfired on me…

thnx for nothin ^_^

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