Hair loss at young age?

I've just reached my teens and I'm loosin a way lotta hair. Can and e one tell me what I can do 2 stop it???

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it could be alapesea..sorry about spelling..but I have it go 2 your doctor and he wil giv you a lotion 2 put on your head twice a day! =)

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Maybe it is what you are using on your hair or either your hair is not healthy. Change your shampoo and conditioner.

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go to your doctor or soemthing. it cud be lose anageon syndrom or something like that if you have fine hair it happens sometimes. but I wud go see someone bout it! =]

Is daily hair loss normal?
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It could just be periodic shedding... do you have less hair or are you just shedding a lot...

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The same thing happened to me a long time ago and I was never able to solve the problem. These days the best thing for a young person to do is to go to their doctor to find out what the root cause is. There are medications for men and women that will help slow the hairloss down and that can in some cases help regrow hair, they often work best on the young. Also pay attention to your diet it can make a lot of difference. Finally if your hair gets really thin there are a variety of products that can cosmetically thicken your hair and help you feel better about it. Hope that helps!

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If you miss the old Nioxin tablets, try using Reloxe from they have the tablets, they offer imporved effects and is a lot cheaper.

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Decrease stress in your life, eat a good diet full of healthy protein and get yourself a good healthy hair supplement like Reloxe.

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