Why does wearing wigs cause hair loss?

I recently purchased a wig just to have a new look.
I have very fine hair and a hair stylistlist told me that the wearing a wig can cause hair loss?

Can wearing a wig daily cause me to lose some of my hair?

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It's the same as wearing a hat all the time...the friction from the wig rubbing on the scalp and moisture trapped under the wig can actually cause hair to fall out at a greater rate, but wearing a wig every so often isn't going to cause a problem.

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caus you have to tie your hair up and leave it like that for a while with the wig on. the wig will feel itchy and tight, and it usually pulls out hair when you take it off. ^^ also what ichibanarky said.

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Wearing wig all the time can cause hair loss because you tie your hair up and leave it for many hours, its the same thing with wearing hat all the time that can really cause hair loss.

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if you wear it all the time non-stop than yeah it will make ur hair thin...

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when you wear a wig then sweating occurs on the scalp and excess sweating refers to hair loss problem.

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