What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream?

What age do you have to be to buy hair removal cream or waxing strips?

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Whatever age you want I presume . . There's only really age limits (or whatever there called) on stuff that is permanent or can but your Heath in danger . . Just go into the shop and buy it . . If they let you buy it fine and if they don't ,, they don't . . I've bought both though and I'm only 14 :/ x good luck my hairy friend :) (messin :L )

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I'm 15 and I have no problem at all. I guess it just depends what state you live in. because I live in georgia and I can't buy elmer's cement glue!! which is stupid!!!

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You dont have to be any particular age as far as I know?

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I never had a problem buying Nair when I was underage...

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most likely 18 or just to be safe 21

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