What would you do for a shot for hair loss?

I heard this morning that they may have a cure for male pattern balding, right now it is undergoing testing with rats. If this works I would be on board, my wife keeps says I am growing forehead.

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Not sure, I'm not going bald (yet)...but if I did, I'd probably go for it as long as it wasn't too expensive...not going to even consider plugs and my brother tried a few (rogaine, etc) and they didn't work for him.

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Lol.. Well why would you want to change the natural order of things? If you are meant to get bald in your old age then let it be. I am sure your wife would love you anyway, with or without hair, unless this is something you guys discussed together.

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I am ready to be bald LOL... Honestly I have lost a lot and have been spending heck lots of money but did not work. SO I give up. God will take away what belongs to Him, right LOL

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No I am never getting the plugs, and looking at your profile pic, looks like your forehead is growing, but I have no clue where your hair started from.

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Well my hair has been on a relocation plan since I was 25, but it does not seem to bring down my barber cost, so there is no benefit to having less hair.

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Hes I am aware I am getting older, thanks for that :), but right now I have florida on my forehead, and it is working its way to a island.

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I think all my hair loss is caused by stress, I think kids, employees, and the American government can do this to you.

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I did not mean to imply that you are old...lol.. I mean we are all not so song anymore.. me included..lol.. Sorry.

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I know, but age happens to the best of them, hay, I still feel young.

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In the highly unlikely event that your hair loss is NOT due to genetics, diet and shampoo and stuff will make a difference. Get a good Hair loss Treatment.Make sure to get enough iron in your diet. Try not to stress out. I tried using Reloxe for hair loss and It worked very well for me.

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