Is there a link between my weight loss and hair gain?

this is weird, but I've lost a lot of weight recently and just noticed as I got out of the shower that I have more belly hair (im a girl.. so you know what I mean.. like arm hair) than normal.
is this is my head or is it my bodys way of keeping me warmer because of fat loss?

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I ate very little and ran very much. it was very unhealthy and im in the process of returning to a healthy weight.

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thats weird, maybe its your imagination, like sammz said hair goes darker when wet, I dont think its because of the weight loss, by the way how did you lose the weight? and congratulations!

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It is one way of making your body warmer.
I don't know if you have anorexia but I know people who have and it's one of the symptoms, you get darker (or thicker) hair sometimes where you didnt have it before so your body keeps you warm.

I'm not saying you have anorexia but you said you recently lost a lot of weight so that's like people who have anorexia losing a lot of weight in short periods of time

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Well if you only noticed it when you got out of the shower its because when hair is wet it goes darker e.g. My hair is red and when its wet it goes a very dark brown colour. Its the same with body hair, it goes darker. It has nothing to do with weight gain or loss.

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