Why don't I feel sore after workouts any more?

i do pretty much the same exercises, and increase weight, but i dont feel sore

Answer #1

cuzzz ur iron man in disguise? =)

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Answer #3

you’re jacked man. maybe you’re not quite pushing yourself hard enough? try more weight, or more reps

Answer #4

Because your body got used to the workout.

Answer #5

try increasing weight, repetitions, and sets. or just a new workout

Answer #6

maybe yu cant get any strong cuz ur absolutely positively ripped and can beat thor in arm wrestling? =) okay im not helpful, but i AM entertaining =)

Answer #7

either you’re not doing the exercise correctly or you need a new routine. If not done correctly an exercise will not do ny good, and possibly some harm, so make sure youre doing everything correct, and have a spotter while doing weights! He/she can pick out mistakes and ofcourse spot you when you bench.

Answer #8

i do everything correctly, sure of that haha, but i think u and halo are right.. i probably need a new routine,, dont know why i didnt clue in to that,,, thanks :)

Answer #9

very entertaining haha :) thors soft btw ;)

Answer #10

yeah doing the same routine over and over again hits its max and you eventualy need a new one, so try looking up some new exercises, there are plenty of them for each and every muscle.

Answer #11

lol oh of course is, to YOU ! lol ur iron man after all.. =)

Answer #12

he is*

Answer #13

yeaa i read about that a while ago, the plateau effect? i didnt think about that tho, because i only weight lift maybe twice a week, one upper, one lower body, and the rest is sports, i didnt think i would get used to it as quickly as it did

Answer #14

well one thing is you are so used to being sore you don’t take notice to it anymore and it doesn’t affect you like it use to or it has become muscle memory. and if muscle memory is the case, then you need to change your exercises and routines or you will not see any more changes.

Answer #15

it could actually be that i dont notice the pain as much too,, i mean my chest is gettin noticeably bigger, and my traps, triceps, and shoulders. my biceps tho, and forearms dont seem to be getting larger, i dont know if its my workout, or what

Answer #16

try to switch it up a bit. do some different exercises to see what happens. if you’re sore then you know it worked if not you can be just used to the soreness and don’t notice it.

Answer #17

Because you have gotten used to it, your muscles are more flexible! It’s like building up fitness.

Answer #18

your body is adapting! hard work pays off :)

Answer #19

common sense boyy!! ur used too it! :)

Answer #20

The most common occurrence that happens with people wanting to get bigger, is they have the mindset of “I’ll just add weight, and get bigger.” Wrong. Your body is an extraordinary thing because it has the ability to adapt.

As a rookie, your body was not meant to lift the weight, bend this way, bend that way, and therefore, your muscles felt strain. This strain caused the muscle to become fatigued and recruit nutrients to make it grow. As you get more experienced, your body begins to tolerate the weight, muscles begin to gain muscle memory and instinctively perform the exercise, and for a while, you still grow.

Now, you’re better. I assume you are near the phase of becoming a gym rat, and so you need to change it up, A LOT! Your body has hit what bodybuilders call “The Plateau” , a state in which the body cannot grow anymore because of either weight, exercise routine, or genetics. Seeing that you do the same workouts day to day, your body has hit its plateau.

Try to mix it up and increase weight drastically. As an amateur bodybuilder, I don’t keep my workout routines for longer than 4 weeks, and each week targets a different angle of the same muscle group. For example, instead of doing Bench Press with a barbell, try doing Incline Bench Press with Dumbbells. It will attack the same muscle at a different angle and will cause you to strain quicker so you can recruit more nutrients. Also, don’t train the same group more than once a week because your muscles need at least 72 hours to recover and if you ever see those people who do Bench Press day to day, they actually shrink and not grow.

Another reason could be the volume of your workouts. Try to increase the number of sets, the speed of each rep, and overall point of contraction in each muscle. Also, increase your intake of certain amino acids such as glutamine and arginine. These two help dilate the veins to allow more nutrients to go into your muscle and help you grow.

Answer #21

because your body is getting used to working out if your doibg the same workouts? You may need to increase the workouts and try different things!! :)

Answer #22

It is because your body has become used to the workouts you are doing. Look up a few plateau busters on the internet and change up your routine. If you work, bis tris and shoulders one day, change it to be chest shoulders and abs one day and back bis and tris the next. the key is to keep yourself diversified and to have sufficient rest periods. Also just work harder than you have before. It takes me about four full chest exercises to get sore now. I have to vary what I do a lot as well.

Answer #23

yo these people mad dumb, soreness isnt a good indication that u got a good workout, i rarely ever get sore anymore, and im still gettin stronger… its either that or ur a puss and arent pushin urself hard enough

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