Messed up weather

Why is this weather so f**ked up is the world about to end

Answer #1

No, but the Mayan calendar says it will in 2012 and who knows with the way we’re killing each other off and polluting our earth.

Answer #2

I dont think the world is about to end…

Answer #3

Uhm No. God is just sadd

Answer #4

no the world isnt coming to an end. just keep recyling and dont throw garbage on the ground ( basically dont litter) btw, you coulda answered your question in a nice way…

Answer #5

yeah from certain standpoints… in only a few years polar bears will be extinct.. .and soon after that, other regions of the world will be intolerable for human life. it’s a total shame what we’ve done to the planet.

Answer #6

global warming is the problem. yes the world is slowly coming to an end.

Answer #7

the world isnt going to end I think but I think the weather is like this because of global warming and not being/Thinking Green.

Answer #8

argh.. the Mayan calendar doesn’t say the world is ending in 2012. It says the end of a cycle is coming, and a new period will be beginning. (it says that the end of the way of things, spiritually is coming) The weather patterns are way off though.. I remember snow storms from where I grew up as a child (just north of Philadelphia) they weren’t like those poor people are getting so far this winter. I can remember foot upon foot of snow in parts of the Rocky Mountains, that have barely seen a foot so far this season. I know other places than Pennsylvania and the mid Atlantic states that have gotten an exorbitant amount of snow this year, The southeastern part of the United States temperatures have been 5 - 10 degrees warmer than usual. I have been outside most of the winter in a t shirt or sweater ( I live in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Australia has had an unusually hot summer season as well.

We have damaged the planet, we have taken its minerals and metals out of it (and wonder why the magnetic shield (that protects us from the sun)for one thing.. has weakened, we have wondered why the rotation seems to be slowing at an usually faster rate than in the past. There is evidence of the Earth rolling over in the past.. (volcanic rock flow has changed direction midstream (found in Oregon), patterns of rocks that have been melted in the earths core and cooled, have been found that show the flow being reversed. (none of this is proven, its completely hypothetical, but This planet is sick. Even the places that I used to know in the world that had no litter, had no smells, no traces of human existence, now do. What we need is not to panic, or blame anyone right now, but to do our own personal best (every day) to make this a better place, to span the rift between the human species and the planet we call home.

live on her as you would your own home.

The weather is messed up, the animal attacks are increasing, disease and virus strains are adapting to our weakening immune systems, overcoming them

Maybe Mother Nature is getting smart and trying to get us back under control maybe she’s done this before

who knows, any of it for sure? smile-

point is. do your own parts to live a good life, to contribute and be a positive influence on the small part of earth that you call home. Together we can make a difference and build again after the Meteor/asteroid, global warming/ New Ice Age, disease/ plague, locusts or alligators get us in 2012.

We are an amazing species really, given the power, for the first time ever to any creature on this planet, to control our own fates.

ultimately we all know, that the weather patterns are really changing because the earth is getting ready to flip over when the Gravitational force from the Sun and Venus pull us that way.. causing terrible flooding, oxygen loss and Co 2 to seep out of some areas of the mantle killing millions of us.

: ) happy living all. Namaste’ William-

Answer #9

Do research on this guy, Zechariah Sitchin. you might find your answers. His research seems a little far out there, but It dose go along a lot with the bible. Plus it is hard to deny hard evedence that in deed has be found left behind by agent sumarians. Is it true ? Who knows!

Does make since about why our weather patters would be changing.

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