Is it bad for you to eat cake mix that has raw egg in it?

Answer #1

since when are raw eggs bad for you O_o

Answer #2

I don’t know but my mom and sister always told me. They said you could get food poisoning from it but yeah I don’t believe them : )

Answer #3

oh well, naturally if its stale :)

but in case of packaged cake mix the raw egg is actually dried raw egg, so mostly just protein and since it has no water it needs quite a lot of time to go bad :)

Answer #4

Like, cake batter? Well it can be bad, if the egg has salmonella. But I’ve been eating cake batter since I was a kid, and I’m fine.

Answer #5


Answer #6

Yeah my mum always told me that raw eggs are bad for you… but I don’t think they are.. like some athletes drink raw eggs every day for protein. And who doesn’t eat raw cake mix????? I mean, YUM! Just eat it, it will be fine. :)

Answer #7

Eggs bought from a grocery store are pasteurized to prevent the risk of salmonella poisoning. If you’re getting your eggs fresh from the farm, then I’d be a little more wary.

Answer #8

There’s about a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting salmonella From consuming raw eggs, so if you aren’t super unlucky, you don’t have anything to worry about :P

Answer #9

Most eggs in the grocery store are not pasteurized. There are a few brands that pasteurize eggs then seal the porous shell with food grade wax but your average run of the mill egg in the grocery store isn’t.

Answer #10

I’ve heard various odds over the years anywhere from 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 50,000 eggs being bad. I’ve eaten raw cookie dough, cake batter, home made mayonaise and egg nog made with raw eggs, and I like my poached eggs so soft they are still runny. In spite of this I’ve never gotten sick once from raw or undercooked eggs. Yes there is a very slight chance of getting sick from raw eggs but to me life is too short to worry about such a slight risk. Every time we take a trip in our automobiles we take a bigger risk and nobody gives a second thought to that.

Answer #11

I’m eating eggs from the super market :) Do the eggs being free range have an effect? Thanks for your advice :D

Answer #12

“Free Range” means little these days. All it means is that the hens have access to get out of the coop at least part of the day; in many cases it is a hatch or door that is unlocked a few hours/day that the hens never even learn to use (chickens aren’t the smartest animal in the barnyard).. “Natural” means even less as there is no legal definition for “natural” eggs. Organic eggs might be incrementally better than conventional eggs but now that organic foods are big business many companies produce food that complies with the letter of the law but not the spirit of it. The best eggs are pastured eggs from hens that live in a pasture and peck away at all kinds of seeds, bugs, grubs, etc instead of a diet of chicken feed. Pastured eggs are expensive but taste better and are healthier because they have more nutrients and a healthful ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Pastured eggs have so much more body than ordinary eggs that cooks often find they do not need as many in their recipies. If you eat meat you should investigate any local farms that produce pastured beef, chicken, milk, and eggs. Farms like this produce food the old fashion way instead of the mass production food from factory farms.

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