Drug test in the work place

I got on this subject with someone last night. do you think that companies have the right to drug test their employees?

Personally: I feel that they do not have the right to drug test their employees. I think that what a person does in their free time and at home - is none of the companies business. I think the only time they should be allowed to drug test their employees is if they are obviously intoxicated or high while they are actually at work. I think that random drug test are an invasion or privacy and should not affect a person’s work.

What are y’alls views on this?

By the way: I don’t even do drugs (I’m a recovering addict), so don’t think I’m saying this because I would like to do drugs at work or whatever.

Answer #1

Yes, companies will not hire a person and will fire a person for failing a drug test.

Answer #2

The comapanies will be losing out then…what will it be next? sometimes it’s better not to know every detail about a person’s life..

Answer #3

Definitely agreed! It’s so stupid. Unless they were a serious addict who was denying it, and coming in late for work, and when they were there having a lack of concentration etc (whatever else comes with a drug addiction) and not being able to function properly. Otherwise though what does it matter to the companies? They are doing good at their job and doing what they are being paid to do so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Answer #4

What will random drug tests do exactly? Do the companies actually have the power to sack the person if they find out they’er on drugs? Fair enough doing it in schools on schoolchildren. But on grown adults? It’s their choice whther they want to get involved with drugs or not, and I agree that as long as they don’t turn up for work high, then what matter is it exactly? Some people just try some drugs at clubs at the weekend- it doesn’t neccessarily mean they’re an addict. As long as you’re a good, hard worker and arrive at work sober do drugs really matter that much where work is concerned?

Answer #5

First of all, companies DO have the right, so the question isn’t about do they or don’t they, it’s about whether or not a person feels they SHOULD have the right.

I think they should. A company is investing a lot of time and money when they hire someone, and they do and should have the right to discriminate based on drug usage.

The company I work for doesn’t do drug testing, but I wish they did. We used to have people coming in high and it DOES affect their performance, which in turn affects business.

I know that of course not everyone who does drugs is irresponsible and would come into work high, but the company shouldn’t have to take that chance. If someone is mad about it, then they can make the decision to stop doing drugs. No one has to do drugs, and if they want a job in a company that tests, they won’t.

If a person isn’t willing to stop doing drugs for a job, then they didn’t want the job that bad anyway, so no harm no foul.

Answer #6

not really, unless its majorly effecting their work, and even then it should be optional.

Answer #7

Absolutely, there should be testing. Drugs are illegal so why would a company want somebody who dabbles in or is even addicted to illegal drugs working for them? I would not want someone who participated in illegal activities working at my business (off course an example).

Answer #8

it’s there company, there money, and my job, so yes they have the right to Test for drug use 100% in my eyes, if it were my company and my money at steak, you bet your sweet a** I would test.

Answer #9

Well, companies sure as hell don’t want employees coming to work too stoned to do their jobs. Of course they have the right.

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