Does it hurt when you have your period?

does it hurt when you have your period what should you do when you have it??

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I'm about to get my first period and my tummy hurts right below my belly button. I don't know if that's wherebyou cramp or what it's like (hence forth first period) but it feels kind of fat and like I pulled a muscle there :/
Who knows what I'm even talking about...

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this person is a dude why would it matter to him?

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nope you jsut get cramps and use a tampon/pad (:

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well you cant feel nothin coming out of you or wutever but sum times girls get cramps in their lower belly and it feels like shyt

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In Chinese medicine, ginger tea with brown sugar is used in the treatment of menstrual cramps. try it out

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It hurts like a b*tch!
Worst pain I've ever felt. lol

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ma stomach be killing that shit hurt..I be dying ..I always dad be telling me that thats not a reason for me to cry he just dont tired of that period shit

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I rarely ever get cramps, but when I do it's only on the first day. It's like aching in the area where your ovaries are and in your lower back. I use tampons because pads to me are just un-sanitary. The touch and rub on you when you walk and it's gross. The experience is different for everyone.

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It depends on the person. Some don't feel any pain, others do. Not everyone gets cramps.

When you have it you just need to wear either a pad or a tampon and be sure to change it regularly.

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well,there are different kinds of side effects.I know people who get cramps, which is the most common among girls.but I know girls who vommit, have mood swings[common],and get bad back pains. last time I had mine, I had the worst headache, back pains, and I felt realy tired. so yes your period can hurt.when you get it you should either wear a pad or a tampon with a panty liner underneath.change both every 2-3 hours. when you don't have it you should wear liners.
hope I helped,
pussi katt :)

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when you have your peroid a lot of girls have cramps which means there stomach hurts!! what should you do when you have it put a tampon or pad and take some pain killers (pills) for the pain!!!

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