What are the dangers in using an Ouija board?

And do you have any experiences with using one? I here a lot of creepy stories, and since I believe in the paranormal I’d like to try it out.

Answer #1

I would highly suggest not trying it, because spirits exist, but Ouija boards are used to contact demons. Having a demon in your home is usally not a good thing. maybe doing it at ur friend’s house would reduce the risk if your really interested in seeing what happens :p

Answer #2

Honestly - there are none. The Ouija board has been given a lot of notoriety based on religious beliefs and over-active imaginations, when really, it’s nothing more than a game sold by Parker Brothers. While the history of the Ouija board may leave a little debate (rather interesting, really), the simple fact is that it cannot open doors to another dimension, it will not bring demons into your house, and it will not possess anyone. As someone who has used Ouija boards several times with no ill effects, I can guarantee there is no danger.

Answer #3

Oh, and for the record - I also believe in the paranormal … Ouija boards hold no power, whatsoever.

Answer #4

I will be trying it. I have had a few experiences with spirits. Plus it just sounds interesting. I like busting myths on things, like Bloody Mary and spoon bending.

Answer #5

Hey Colleen, you say that the Ouija board has no truth, yet the history can cause debate…that doesn’t make too much sense to me. Can you explain?

Answer #6

Well, a device similar to the Ouija board - Fuji - was found first created back around 1100 CE in China. The purpose of that device was to contact the dead (whether or not it actually worked has never been confirmed). The Ouija board that we know today was created in the image of the Fuji, and so it is thought that it holds all the power that it was believed to have back then. The Ouija board is just a toy and it has never been proven that it links to spirits, demons, or the dead.

Answer #7

The fun you could have with a Ouija board….Is all for the one who pretends it was not them who moved the pointy thing bit… but ….something spooky moved it,some one?some spirit bullhit? keep ya moves to yourself and the response from the other people taking part would be worthy of keeping ya mouth shut and doing it again and again…fun fun fun….but ya gotta pretend.

Answer #8

It’s not the Ouija board but what takes over it, & by using it, your inviting the other side in. I wouldn’t suggest using it either I’ve known people who have had experiences and I have had quite a few myself, not with the Ouija board but others. But that is a way to invite them in.

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