Ouija boards

Has anyone actually gotten a ouija board to work? my great aunt and uncle just gave my family a ton of games… And a ouija board was one of them… I’ve used one before and it didn’t work… I don’t believe they can… If you have gotten one to work, what were the circumstances? (where were you, were the lights off, on?, what time was it?, etc.)

Answer #1

I think it’s dangerous - can open up a door for evil influences to enter - for me, no way !!

Answer #2

its really fasinating to here what you all think about them I’ve never done one I wouldnt know but my lovely grandma who has been ceased quite a while who did warn me and I would never touch one dont get me wrong but I would rather stick with my pshycic

Answer #3

I use them sometime, they work but you MUST MUST MUST Use WHITE Blessed candles and have a bottle of holy water in handy.

Answer #4

I believe in order for those to work, you have to believe in what you are doing. You have to believe there is something there to speak to. I’ve never played with one but as I have said before, I have a witch neighbor and she says they are dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. I wouldn’t mess with it

Answer #5

ghosts and spirits aren’t the thing to mess around with for “fun”. You can upset them and they can make your life a livng h*ll. I went through it. It’s not just in the movies.

Answer #6

sounds like your aunt and uncle used to play with it when they were little! lol those things are dangerouse though they can work but you never know who your talking to, if there nice, if they want to talk to you, if there horrible people, if they want revenge, ect its not the kind of thing to use and have a bunch of freinds over for giggles and the time and day doesnt do muc. itll work either way if you do it right but of course…you never know who your talking to

Answer #7

it worked for me, and my friend, and to this day we both still swear we wern’t moving the centre piece (bearing in mind, we’re both 31 now, and we were14, so we would have fessed up by now!)

they are dangerous, but f you insist on trying it, look into protective measures…but as dawnathen says, you have to be open to the concept of it working to enable it to

Answer #8

where can you buy one?

if you know, comment me please

im skeptical about them

Answer #9

I never used to either until I moved into the house I am in now.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Well, I’ll let everyone know if anything happens… but I’m not going to be “careful” or get special candles or holy water (that won’t do anything anyways… its just tap water)

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