What are rules and safety tips when using a ouija board?

My friend and I want to use a ouija board. We are scared cause we don't know all the rules and how not to get posessed or something.

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I dont know about the rules but im pretty sure its just gonna be you two that will be moving the piece. dont believe in that crap people tell you just to scare u. its stupid. ull see when you use it.

here are some rules (with my commentary in parenthesis)
I posted the link but it didnt show for some reason

Rule 1 : never play alone (more fun with friends :D)
Rule 2:Dont let the demon escape (ooo...scary)
It is said that should you allow the planchette or pointer to count down through the numbers then the spirit or demon can escape, and some also believe the same to be true should you allow the spirit to go through the alphabet.
Rule 3: Place a silver coin on the Ouija board (it wants your money)
Silver has often been thought to contain qualities that make it effective as a weapon against evil spirits
Rule 4: Never ask about god (it'll get jealous)
Rule 5:Say Goodbye. (always be nice no matter who it is)

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Safety tips: Do not attempt to swallow any pieces of the Ouija board, do not attempt to put the Ouija board into any orifices that it should not be inserted to, do not throw the Ouija board or any of it's pieces at anyone as sharp corners may result in loss of vision.

who has had the Ouija Board read their mind?

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ooo I did this once! it was a awful experience lol
my advice would be don't do it lol

but if you are sure don't play on your own and don't b rude 2 the spirit :L

Ouija Board.
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I dont think you can actually get posessed the demons arent gonna want to waste their time on a oijja board, lol

Ouija Board With Only One Person

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