ouija board is this stuff real or fake?

I heard a lot of these board. I never use one or seen one. I but I heard some very creepy stuff. is this stuff real or fake?? it seem cool I would like to try one maybe but I might be scare?

Answer #1

I don’t know if there real but ma mum said she’d kill me if I done one in the house lol but you should go try it, im thinkin about it to (:

Answer #2

hahaha they’re total bs. I went to my cousins house a real long time ago and he tried to make my sister and I think ghosts were pushing the thing to the letters. I opened my eyes and saw him squinting at the board. I say go try one, and move it around yourself slowly to freak out the person moving it and then laugh

Answer #3

I done one few years back I asked if it new my nickname as a child and funny enough it spelled it out.now my friend whom I was doing it with could not have known that and I know I wasn bloody pushing it.I was actually thinkn bout getting one but I’ve been searchin all day about the ouija board and have read some pretty disturbing stuff about em so I think im gonna pass just to be safe

Answer #4

I’ve heard a lot of stories, but it’s hard to know whether they’re true or not.

I had a friend that believed using the Ouija board opened the gates of Hell, so there defintely are people who think it’s the real deal.

But going back to what Halflife2fan said:

I personally don’t believe Ouija boards are real, but I don’t think his friend was moving it on purpose. I assume it has something to do with the subconcious.

& You gotta wonder… If it is real and dangerous, why would they still be selling them with other board games?

Answer #5

I dont understand why it has to always open a gateway to hell or bad things happen. What about good. The truth, people are morbid. They think bad thoughts and in a dark way when they are scared. My opnion, it is all fake. I have done a ouija board many times and nothing has ever come up. I have done it with people who say they can get a spirit all the time. Yeah nothin. The only gate way that opens up is in your head…

Answer #6

Ouija boards are very real and can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. I’ve played with them for about 8 years and everytime it works and sometimes I don’t even have my hands onit.Most of my friends think that there is a string attached to it and I tell them to check and there is no string so then they start to freak out about it. I’ve heard of people getting possesed or even haunted like I said this can happen if you don’t have a strong personality and don’t know what you are doing. You don’t want negative people around the board when your playing it because it will attract evil spirits and possibly demons. But again its all about how strong you are and if you have used one. You almost never want to use one by yourselfs this will increase the risk of having bad things happening. But they are very real and a lot of people are scared of them and think they are fake. When I was lil playing with them my parents didn’t want me playing them in the house so I would play it at night outside. But I in courage people to learn about it and play with them just read up on how to first and you will get it to work just have people around when you play with it.

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