Are Ouija boards real?

Once I used a Ouija Board and asked it who I would amrry. It said “Fred Teds.” That really doesn’t seem like a real name to me, but I’m not sure. I don’t even know if Ouija Baord work. If anyone has any experience with their predictions coming true, could they let me know?

Answer #1

To me it’s a negative, not a positive influence - possibly opens doorways into your life that you don’t want nor need open…my opinion.

Answer #2

Heck I tried burning one and it would not burn!!! Dont ever buy one, touch one at all ever!!! I fyou want a reading from a natural psychic send me a picture and I will read you at no charge…I used one once and bad things happened!!! It would not burn and finally threw it in the garbage!!! I cam’t remember exactly what happend it was over 20 years ago but 3 bad things happened after using it once!!! email me at for a reading…

Answer #3

I heard some people said they had used one, and gotten creepy messages like “help me” or “please save me.” I don’t know, they might be true…but no, I’m not going to track down this “Fred Teds.” if he is real, maybe he’ll come to me.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t count on it. It’s like asking if ‘psychics’ are real. Who knows though, you may marry someone called Fred Teds - over 6 billion people in the world someone’s gotta be called that (but that doesn’t mean you should go tracking them down!). Haha, try using another one and see if you get the same answer (now THAT would be freaky..).

Answer #5

well, I was talking to this pagan chick yesterday about tarot cards, and she randomly told me that if I was into that sort of stuff, that I shouldn’t buy a oujia board. they’re not a great idea to mess around with. also, when my aunt was younger, she used to play with a ouija board, but then she started to have horrible nightmares. the nightmares finally went away after my grandma made her throw away the board.

Answer #6

I’ve never tried one but I really want to!! my mom doesn’t believe is ghosts and that, but she has one. I asked her if I could use it with one of my friends and she totally flipped!! She said she tried with her a few years back and has regreted it ever since. she won’t tell me what happened but she’s on anxiety meds anf has nightmares a lot because of it… which kind of freaks me out but I still want to do it!!

Answer #7

Don’t use them! Don’t throw the Ouija boards away, and definitely don’t burn them! It’s a door to the dangerous spirit world. The ghost or spirit you were talking to might have been joking or playing with your head. It could be possible. OUIJA BOARDS ARE REAL. They are not to be played with as a game. Your whole life could become a living hell with unwanted and dangerous spirits following and watching your every move and screwing your life up, and EXTREMELY hard to get rid of. My friend’s family had an Ouija board and talked to the ghosts that lived in their house. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I have done years of research in this “board game” and the cons in this are endless. Like some people are weird and creepy, spirits can be weird and creepy. You shouldn’t play with the Ouija Board again-you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Answer #8

I’ve never played with one of those, but I’ve always wanted to… Where can you get one? x]

Answer #9

Ouija boards are playthings for kids and gullible people.

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