who has had the Ouija Board read their mind?

has anyone used a Ouija Board, and it read your mind? it reads mine and I think its alittle creepy. I know that they are unsafe and that I shouldnt be useing them…

Answer #1

Most the time ouija board isn’t anything about spirits, it’s about your subconscious part of your brain controlling the object on the ouija board. You may not think you’re moving it, but because you believe it’s possessed by spirits, it you will do it, although you aren’t conscious you are doing it. So basically, you know the answer and you guide yourself to pick that.

Answer #2

a ouiji board is a very powerful object not for the faint hearted there is a lot of myth and legend that surrounds the boards that has very bad consequences sometimes… the board does not read your mind however it allows a spirit to enter your home allowing it to show its presence and why it is here.. ouiji board are not common to bring friendly spirits in because people believe they are passage ways for evil to be released into the world .souls that are crooked and evil of which they haunt and terrorise people who have used them or participated in its ritual.. people believe the ouiji board is a way of contacting ghosts and spirits to understand them but others think ouiji boards are passeges evil spirits use to return to the world and haunt who ever unleashed them.. its a powerful magic object which contains a lot of cruel intentions if used incorrectley myth and legend have looked at them with serious eyes.. you must protect yourself from using it its not just a boardgame you keep in a shelf its a object of mystery be veru careful in future..

Answer #3

creppy board stop using it its scary me and my friend used that 3 years ago and im still spooked about it dont ask its a long painful story

Answer #4

Well it’s not the board that reads your mind it’s the spirit you’ve invited. It means you haven’t protected yourself before using it and you have allowed the spirit to come in contact with you. Without propper protection the ouji board can be bad for your health.

Answer #5

well, I’ve only used the ouija board once.. in some cases that I’ve read about. if the ouija board can read your mind, a spirit has been invited into your house, or wherever your using the ouija board at. this is what can cause a poltergiest or hauntings.

I’d quit playing with it.. but thats me. im a scaredy cat :)

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