How to deal with my 14-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter??

l ask my son to go places with me and all he wants to do is pay 360, l offer shows, basketball games with the local team (kings), walks, biking, to name a few, no luck.

17 year old has manys things going on school,sports, works on weekend and boyfriend, hard to talk to.

any suggestions ?

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Tell both of them very soon (before you know it), they'll be gone, out on their own/own families - "Hey ! Let's go make some memories that'll last our lifetime"...seriously, all of you will be very glad you did - be the Dad, 'we're goin'...I wish you the very best !!

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14-year-old sons tend to do that. I did...and do come to think of it. Eh. I don't think that it will harm anything, but just to be safe, keep an eye on him to make sure he's not slipping into reclusion from friends and family. Don't make him do things, but do things that he wants to do. Play XBox with him, he just might enjoy it, let him teach you something that he enjoys.
Given that your daughter is 17 and what seems like very busy, hotchocolate0304 has a good idea.
Each generation is different from the last from what I've noticed. True, the general perception from teenagers about their parents is that they are un-cool and geeky. Embrace that geekiness. If I were to be in your position, I would take her to a grocery store, but on the way, blair INXS with the windows rolled down embarrassing her as much as possible. And then take her out for ice cream.
You're lucky you're a parent now when INXS is still "cool."

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I mean dad their teens they don't really want to hang out with you anymore sorry for the harhness but its true give them some space and when they need you they will come to you so dont sweat it

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go to the mall with them and offer them a treat :D
Trust me teenagers love gifts :)
Or tell them how you feel, and you would like to spend more time with them.

hope I helped

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I think you need to sit down with both of your kids and tell them how you feel...yeah I'm only 14 and have no parenting skills whatsoever but sometimes I'm like that and that's when I need my parents the most. So don't listen to people who say just ignore them because that's not what they want. They want to know that you care for them so yeah hope this helped.

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im 14 but im a girl but I hate to be seen wiotyh my dady he is so imbarsssing
my addvics is be cool the perent] :)

and for your dauter my because is 17teen and shes imposssible:(

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for the 17 year old, give her some space. eventually, she will notice that you are not bothering her and leaving her alone, and she will open up to you.

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be cool take them out to dinner have fun life is short

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I am 15 years old which is very close to your sons age. I also play my 360 as well. I agree caffeinetripp with keeping an eye out on him, making sure he's not slipping into reclusion, and maybe even joining him. By the way if you do join him for your own good don't get better him at one of his favourite games, this will anger him a whole bunch. But other than that try getting him interested into activities that will keep him active. One thing to do is to never kick him off or restrict him. This will obviously make him annoyed at you and cause him to want to play even more. I have friends who are limited in their computer playing time and their parents interference causes their "addiction", yes I'm serious, to get even worse.

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Dear lovingdad,
Nows the time to be a parent and not their friend. They both need some guidance and structure. You are in control...or should be...of the activities in the home as well as making sure both children have outside activities. You are also in charge of family time and arranging for the activities you do during this time. There is nothing wrong with only allowing an hour a day for games...then you supply the need recreation for the rest of the time. He he won't do anything else then he has the choice to sit in his room with no TV, games etc. We will assume you still have control in you home? The older child should have a curfew and you should be aware that he may be over extending himself. You need to monitor closely and make sure he has time for his family. Your children have friends they don't need anymore but they need a parent. It truly makes life easier for them when they have an adult who can make family decision for them.
Sue...good luck

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