how to deal with my 13 year old daughter

how to deal with my 13 year old daughter that dont want to listen

Answer #1

dont listen to the person above ^^^ im 13 and sometimes I dont like talkin to my parents but taking something away from her will make her ignore you even more

Answer #2

I’m 15. A teenager needs privacy. Let her go out with friends when she is well behaved. Punish her when she misbehaves. Though, try to stay calm, us teenagers hate out parents screaming, it just makes the situation worse because it gets us angry. Try talking to her as a mum and daughter and occasionally go out together just you and her one on one.

Answer #3

Im a thirteen year old, and when I dont listen or ignore my parents I usally just want them to give me some space. I would just tell her to come talk to you when she is ready. (:

Answer #4

I’m14…turnin 15 in a month and a half… don’t nag!!… I mean for example… if you see her doing something you don’t want her to do… like let’s say, she was playin with the laptop for too long, and you want her to get off that chair, don’t keep nagging, just tell her in a fun way… and give her something else to do… take her shopping, be a TOTALLY FUN mother!! just don’t over do it!!! be her friend, don’t just be an overprotective mother… try to understand her put urself in her situation… as if your her age… … try to think the way she thinks… what would I do in her place in this situation, how would I feel?? and don’t compare your childhood with hers! don’t show her that she’s a little baby… ANYTHING might get her angry… keep that on mind!!! lolz I have a Q for you… what is it that you’re telling her?? I mean your tellin her somethin and she’s not listenin, what is this thing? what are you trying to tell her?

Answer #5

If she doesn’t listen then take something close to her away.

Answer #6

kids like to feel independent. especially at that age. im 15 and my mom had to be tough with me when I was that age. I guess it depends on how you brought her up so far but sometime you do just have to tell her how it is and if she doesnt listen there should be consiquences-so that she gets the point. going shopping with her to get her off the labtop isnt going to work all the time.

but it is somewhat of a good idea to kkeep a nice tone of voice when you tell her to do things.. that way she doesnt feel offended, resulting in back talking.

but if she still refuses after trying to be nice about it, make sure you step up and let her know she cant get away with that kind of stuff.

~ sadie :]

Answer #7

im a 15 year old girl but when I was her age I didnt always seem as if I was l.istening but honestly I was thats just what it seemed like my mom would warn me about something and ild act as if I wasnt listening but the truth is that I was I just didnt want to seem as if I cared but if I was ever in a position that my mom warned me about ild remember what she said and thats when she know I really did listen to her… well I hope I helped!!!

Answer #8

Well 13 is really hard age for girls. Let her know that your the boss and any thing that she does wrong there will conesquences. Tell her that you love her very much and you need her to listen to you or she ganna have a really hard life , I was 17 when I had my first baby and when I look back I wish I would have just listened to my mother. Be as hard on her as you can let her know that this is not ganna be a free ride she needs to do her best if she wants to become some thing in this life time. If I can help you with any thing else feel free to fun mail me. Yours turly, Demika Ray

Answer #9

just gradually build up chores and praise her for good grades and what not I also used to have an older brother. Talking to him really helped but sometimes he would yell at me acting like another parent which got really frustrating and didn’t help at all. Don’t be negative and call her bad names it will make her feel like she really is all those negative things you call her. Instead, tell her how to correct what she is doing wrong.

Answer #10

im a 14 year old girl.. I was terribly behaived last year and now im better lol. uhm I get really angry when my mom just yells at me for not doing chores and stuff. give her one small task at a time, and build up. at the beginning, offer to help her. Also, I have an older brother who would sometimes yell at me when I didnt listen to my parents. I hated it, but it really worked. sometimes, I just needed him to get back in line. (he would scold me, but also talk to me and make me realize I was being selfish).

Answer #11

All kids are different, and sometimes you have to work with what works for them. For example, I’ve always been the type that you don’t TELL me what to do, you ask me and then I would always do it. If she’s having problems at school then try to not give her problems at home because you don’t want her to rebel against YOU. Plus, most 13 year old girls just don’t listen.

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