Can cops follow you and pull you over for nothing?

Can a police officer follow you for over 2 miles then pull you over for no reason? Yesterday I purchased beer with a fake ID and the cop followed me out of the grocery store parking lot for at least 2 miles then pulled me over and gave no reason for pulling me over.

Is this OK? Maybe something a lawyer could get me off with?

Answer #1

Legally yes as they might of thought you were up to no good but they cant arrest you with out a reason. Info from a real police officer!

Answer #2

Police need ‘reasonable articulable suspicion’ that a crime was committed to pull someone over. To make an arrest they need ‘probable cause’ - a slightly higher burden. A lawyer can fight this for you and help show that the police had no reason to pull you over. Here’s a website w/ a few general ideas: My advice - get a lawyer. Call the public defender’s office first and if they can’t help you pull out the wallet and open the phone book.

Answer #3

they shouldn’t but they still do..

Answer #4

well in New Jersey, if you are 18, you can drive with Beer/alcohol in your trunk. and why did you show him your fake id rather than your real ID, unless you were just joyriding.

Answer #5

maybe he knew you had a fake ID

Answer #6

Actually they can but if they don’t give you a clear reason you can demend to be let go. Also I read somehwre before that they can search you if they want, THEY CAN”T!!! If you’re pulled over for no reason KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. I hate cops, my brother is one my boyfriend was studying to be one, and they both hate it. you want more info let me know,

Answer #7

the cop probably knew it was a fake ID from the store clerk duh you dont get a fake ID you get some1 with a REAl ID to go in and get if for you derrr

Answer #8

Yes, cops can do whatever they want. Theyll find a reason to pull you over. A holes!

Answer #9

if they have no reason to pull you over then no but if they have probable cause then yes

Answer #10

Yes. By the Consitution…..they can search your car if the have reason to believe you are a danger to society (drugs, weapons, this including alcohol). You are considered on public property if in your car. You are using a road provided by the city. If seen as a public nuisance or threat to society they have the right to protect the public. They do have the right to detain you for a search warrant.

Answer #11

they do,, theres a undercover cop tat droved his cop car and raced his friend then he crashed and nothing happed to him b/c his dad was the chef and made up some bullshit

Answer #12

Of course!

Answer #13

techniclly no, but they are always comming up with reasons such as you were going to fast or whatever to pull you over. but they have no right to search you for no reason. so unless the store contacted the police and told them, which if the cop followed you out of the parking lot that probubly wasnt the case, then no. the cop had no reason for pulling you overr =]

Answer #14

He did it the legal way, allowed you to leave the store with the beer, followed you the minimum distance for surveillance, which is 2 miles. But most importantly, you are the one who broke the law. Get a lawyer.

Answer #15

Nope. But they’re never going to say they pulled you over for nothing. They’re always going to give some reason or other.

Answer #16

I hate were I live the cop pull me over for no reason and search me also when im walking when im doing nothing wrong its bullshit can cops search you when your walking doing nothing wrong

Answer #17

You don’t need a Lawyer! If anything you were in the wrong to begin with. Do your time pay your fine, and suck it up! You need to grow up up and take responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll do it again and again and end up being a loser. I can’t believe you think you have right to not get in trouble when you break the law in from of a police officer. The only one who had any right was the cop.

Answer #18

The police get away with whatever they want… Even if they’re dead wrong…

Answer #19

Cops can pretty much do what they want. It’s their word against yours.

Answer #20

he thought you were drink driving

Answer #21

if they have reason to bbuuut do not let them search your car with out a search warrant and DO NOT give them permission to search your vehicle,they cannot search yur car without either.

Answer #22

It is pretty tough to claim that your rights were violated in this situation.

The police have pretty broad authority when you are driving. The cop could claim that you didn’t signal a turn or were driving erratically etc. Once he determined you had a fake ID he had probable cause to search your vehicle for alcohol.

For future reference, when you are pulled over by a cop, pull over someplace where there will be witnesses. If you are obviously not trying to get away this will not get you into trouble. If you can pull into a parking lot. If the cop asks you why you didn’t pull over right away tell him that you thought it would be safer for both of you here.

Never consent to having your car searched no mater what the cop says.

When the policeman approaches your vehicle lock the doors and only open the window far enough to talk to the policeman and hand him your ID.

If the cop asks you to step out of the car roll the window up and lock the car after you get out.

If the cop starts to search your vehicle anyway tell him “I do not consent to a search.” If you make it clear that you don’t consent to a search than you may be able to get off if a judge determines that the cop didn’t have probable cause to search your vehicle.

Of course keep any contraband in your trunk, the cop doesn’t need a search order when something illegal is in plain sight. Naturally if the cop has a court order you have to let him search.

Dealing with police is nerve racking but do stand your ground and assert your rights, you don’t have to make it easy for them to convict you. It is said that most people who are convicted of crimes convict themselves.

Do talk to your lawyer. They might be able to find an angle and if this is your first brush with law enforcement they might go easy on you.

Good luck!

Answer #24

Where you cited for any kind of moving and/or other violation of the law? Or were you just pulled over?

If the cop saw you purchase the beer, and became suspicious you had a fake ID, that would be one thing. Even then it’s a pretty shaky case. If you are rich, or your parents are, I would suggest you find yourself a good lawyer. If you are at least the age of 18, the ACLU might could point you in the right direction.

As far as I believe within the law, yes a cop can pull you over for just about any reason, or he’ll make up something just so he can. But he can’t cite you for anything if you broke no laws.

Answer #25

Yes they can, proof below:

My friend got pulled over for taking too long to accelerate after a red light turned green. She was distracted while talking to us. The officer then asked so many darn questions. One example, Officer: Where are you going? Driver: Going to see a movie. Officer: Let me see your movie tickets.

I think the request to see the movie tickets is going beyond what is necessary. I have had bad experiences with cops blaming me for wrongdoings when I did nothing. I almost got arrested once and it turned out the cop was wrong. No sorry was said to me.

Answer #26

i really wouldn’t recommend looking into a lawyer, unless your parents are lawyers. are you american? canadian? which province? police officers have different jurisdictions and have different laws. in many cases a police officer can pull you over if they supect something. you said the cop was following you from the store, maybe he suspected you were underage. i dont know what kind of trouble you got in, if there’s a fine, just pay it. it’ll be cheaper than going to court. sorry about your luck!

Answer #27

they usually pull you over for nothing, because they are such nosey people, why do you think they’re cops. But if thye do start to follow you, just take 3 turns, if he/she is still following you, you get them for stocking!

Answer #28

Where I live a cop can only follow you for 6 blocks which is a half of mile and if he dont pull you over before then, it wont hold up in court…learn your rights!!!

Answer #29


Answer #30

first of all the officer in question is probably going to say he saw you acquire the alcoholic beverage or he was notified of it being in your possession! he is going to say that this was probable cause to initiate the vehicle traffic stop in and of itself and at that time! any lawyer with half a brain should be able to get you off (figuratively speaking) on an illegal search and seizure! now this is the tricky part because lawyers are freaking shiesters and it can be rather difficult to identify one that is not incompetent. the key is to know the law yourself. people who know something about law are more able to identify a good lawyer when they see one in action! law is to be utilized to govern us! not to control us! those who do not know the law are doomed to be controlled by it!

Answer #31

Honeslty cops are a bunch of dickhead bullys who usually enforce stupid sht. Nothing real or serious ever gets done by these power hungry sacks of dusch. They especially love picking on the people who dont know the law and make up sht and always threaten that if they didnt feel so nice they would take you to jail. ughhh I cant stand these mutha phakaz. Arent there any drug dealers or rapist to catch? why annoy us with traffic tickets for going 7 miles over the speed limit…SHHHIHHHTTT

Answer #32

Yes, if you are atractive like Ciara Monica they do just to ask you out or to see if what they saw is right.

Answer #33

Yes, a cop can pull you over for what appears to be nothing. If they are suspicious or just have a feeling that something is wrong they can pull you over. To save yourself some money on legal fees–try checking with Legal Aid first to see exactly what your rights are.

Answer #34

im sure it was your id but you didnt finish saying what happened anyone on here that says they can is wrong I’ve checked with 3 legal aid lawyers and got fed up with them so I hired a lawyer for different situation but she explained it well and it is for everywere. So to answer your question no a cop cannot pull you over for anything theres not even a thing such as a routine traffic stop because technicaly they arent aloud to do it so if a cop pulls you over for no reason then says he would like to search you car say no.I’ve heard of countless of “officers” parking the cars and hiding them on peoples private property by the highway without permission and when someone speeding passes then they go and give the ticket or I’ve been pulled over with people before and they say that it was a routine traffic stop some people might dissagree but the law speeks for its self and police officers are not the law there imitating enforces which means there meant to enforce it but none of them do and if they ever pull you over they will make up some bull sh*t cause but hope that helps.

Answer #35

Get a lawyer. Stop looking for loopholes. The law is meant to protect normal citizens. And you broke it. OBVIOUSLY, as someone already said, he either heard something from the cashier, or saw your fake ID himself. If you’re gonna be stupid and break the law, please, AT LEAST don’t be so darned incompotent! And yes, he can pull you over if he perceives you as a threat to other drivers and pedestrians. IT’S HIS JOB! C’mon, already!

Answer #36

it matters what county and state you are in because each state has different laws so if they see a reason to pull you over. they also pull you over because they think you may have no drivers licens and mabe they a run your plates

Answer #37

They pull you over because they are following you. The real question is can they start to follow you for nothing.

Answer #38

Hoo boy…are you still drunk while asking this?? First off, OF COURSE the cops can pull you over! If they suspect a driver of being a threat yo those around him, the have an obligation to do so. Honestly, though…you were followed out of the store by this cop, right? That means he either saw your fake ID and got suspicious, or heard something from the clerk. Dude, the law is meant to protect citizens. Stop looking for f*cking loopholes, ok? If you’re gonna break the law, at least don’t be so friggin’ incompotent…Jeez…get a lawer, dumba$$…

Answer #39

You could just man up and quit whining because you got caught doing something illegal. Jesus.

Answer #40

any parking lot is owned by an individual or group most of the parking lots are owend privitely about 10% is owned by the goverement

Answer #41

I think an officer can always come up with a reason such as ‘you were “driving too fast for conditions” or “driving erractic or in a suspicious manner” - both hard to disprove as it’s your word against theirs - not implying this makes it right, just that’s the way it is….regardless, of course, the fake ID is illegal.

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