What if I'm afraid of global warming?

When will the world come to an end? Im scared that I wont be able to live until im at least thirty when I can have a husband, a child, a house, a career…what do I do??

Answer #1

4/25/08: NPR has an interesting article on global warming… or cooling? The Mystery of Global Warming’s Missing Heat. James Hansen and Al Gore must be so disappointed. NASA is spending around 20 million dollars a year to deploy and monitor 3000 robot buoys around the worlds oceans and the data coming in doesn’t support their theory on global warming, in fact it turns out the world has cooled slightly in the last five years.

Answer #2

Global warming is a concern and there is no longer a real debate about whether it’s happening. However, there is still a debate about its short and long term effects. Not every region of the globe is going to experience the same effects from global warming. Some regions are getting warmer while others get colder; different regions are seeing different levels of precipitation and sea level change as well.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but I don’t see a reverse of global warming happening. Worldwide consumption of fossil fuels is going to increase, although the West has make remarkable strides in using renewable energy as of late. The question now is, what will happen to the planet as a result of global warming and how can we best deal with it? To give you some optimism, I don’t believe it is going to cause the end of the world or life as we know it, but it is going to require significant adaptation. The success story is, in many ways we are already adapting to global warming. There are prototype communities and cities being developed which run entirely off of renewable energy and compost soil restoration, and they are working. Also, the US in particular has made enormous progress in water conservation techniques, which will come in handy as freshwater dwindles in some areas. I think we have the technology to adapt, but we will eventually be forced to make changes in our lifestyle. However, I don’t see it as being the end of our species.

Answer #3

The fear mongers never stop their endless drumbeats. The funny thing is, the bad things that do happen never turn out to be the ones everyone was afraid of.

Even under the most dire models for global warming, it will not result in the end of the world, or even the end of civilization. Instead, it will result in 100 New Orleans type disasters. That’s bad no doubt, but not the end of the world.

As a society, it makes sense to take the threat of global warming seriously, but it doesn’t make sense to stress out about it. The greater danger to you is an auto accident.

Answer #4

I would consider you think about the fact of what do you believe in? Some people say global warming is NOT real, and others say it is the truth, I would advise you read up on it…

Answer #5

I agree with above ^^ Humans are continuing to get even more clever but they seem to get warped into their abilities of thoughts. We are taking this idea too seriously. If you look back at the history of the world’s climate, it always goes through stages of hot and cold. There are different peaks and I think that it is just one of those stages..

Answer #6

Global warming is not supported by most of the world wide scientific community. . . It’s mostly a band wagon for Al Gore and his wonderful wife Tippsy. . . .

Answer #7

I am a firm believer that the world will end in 2012. but global warming itself will not be cause the world to end for many many years. Its all the other problems you have to worry about. Read one of my most recent questions. SOCIETY IN RUINS.. it will explein everything

Answer #8

Well the peaks that stellaapplemoor were speaking about is the actually natural variability at work.

Society is worked up by fear that they will beileve anything the gorvernment will say. I think that this is some sort of scam to keep people in constant fear.

Another thing that im fed up of is that everyone is blaming Global Warming for everything. The northern polar ice caps melting? The polar ice caps are floating ontop of the water which we all know creates displacement. so if they melt they will not change the sea levels by much. Sea levels to are only rising mainly because of the rivers. as rainfall increases rivers flow more violently therefore heading out to sea and increasing sea levels.

I dont want to make a debate out of this but if anyone has any points just post them on this question

Answer #9

according to me Global warming does not exist I have evidence that we are just going through a stage known as natural variablility we will eventuall revert back to an ice age but don’t get worried it will only be getting colder slowly.

I think that “Global Warming” is a conspiracy so that energy companies and all other companies that require fuel like Commercial air companies can suck us dry of our wealth or our parents wealth.

we may be running low on fossil fuels but it will not generate the apocalypse. their are plenty of altournatives that will help us get throught the tought times. so please you do not need to worry about the apocalypse.

I hope this has helped you

Answer #10

Toadaly’s reply seems the best balanced one here. Climate Change (to call it ‘Global Warming’ is simplistic and inaccurate) is real and is affected by humans, and we need to treat it seriously. But instead of fearing it, we need to live a positive, environmentally aware lifestyle and encourage/vote for the kind of people who can improve things. Even though I think it could get bad if we don’t act, I don’t think it’s going to be as bad for you as you personally fear…

Answer #11

Way to go NASA. . .

Answer #12

I know that we have 50 years left if we keep using fossil fuels at the same amount as now !!!

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