City dump yard

I have been wondering this for days now,after the trash trucks trop of all the trash they have,what happens to the trash thats been there?

Answer #1

you mean the trash thats already ther, well there usually there working to remove it bit by bit with trucks and other machinery thats strong enough however it will probably be sitting there for quite a few years before they get around to it

Answer #2

to be honest, I don’t know. but it’s not good for the environment. I guess it depends on your location. there are people who bury their trash, some make this huge lot into a dump. that’s all I really know.

Answer #3

well there are actualy multiple things that could happen, there are dumps and landfills. a landfill burns trash (which isnt good but its better than a dump) and a dump separates trash but leaves in in piles to well… sit and decompose but as you may know plastics, and other material are not biodegradable and wont. sometimes trash is sent on a boat and shamefully it is sometimes dummped into the ocean or brought to other countries for them to deal with. its very sad. there is a dump called fresh kills in NYC that is shut down because of the fact that there is just tooo much trash there and it is unsafe to humans and anythng else lving… just goes to show! but we can all help put that to an end, RECYCLE! it helps a lot. thanks! hope I’ve helped a little

Answer #4

they squish it down and load more rubbish on top

Answer #5

they go on a trash boat thats all I knoe about that

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