What Would Be The Perfect World?

Ex -no more cutting trees

  • no dumping toxins into oceans I need some ideas they don’t have to be about the enviorment
Answer #1

if the world didint have conflict. just understanding. compromise and trust and no hatred. if we all trust eachother, we can help eachother, make the world better, cooperation. but it wont happen.

Answer #2

the perfect world to some is the un-tempered-with by mans technology-, world

Answer #3

no more heart break,death,pain,sadness

Answer #4

No more Violence. No more hunting. No more lies. No more need to be perfect.


Answer #5

a perfect world would be with things like no violence, weapons, diseases, sickness, car accidents, never ending supply of water and food, ect ect but we dont live in a perfect world, and unfortunantly we never will because theres no way that everyone in this planet can agree on the same thing but we can work together to make the world a better place with better education to young kids there should be less unwanted pregnancies, death of drugs and alchol, car accidents, ect and if people work together and try to make a differnce they could start saving water, protecting ther enviroment, recycling things so we dont have to waste everything, not using plastic bags, donating unwanted things to charity instead of throwing them out, making clothes and other products with as little chemicals as possible, using less packaging on food items, ect, ect, ect

Answer #6

no taxes!

Answer #7

the perfect world would be exactly how it is right now cus if we changed 1 thing that th euniverse didnt want us to change then it could mess things up in the futre :D

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