Can my parents take away items that i've purchased?

I have been saving for over two years for a laptop. Finally I bought one about a month ago.
Do my parents have the right to tell me I can't have full control over something I purchased?
Or say I can't use it for a week?
Is there like some issue with that?
Because I have it and I can not use it regularly because I can't update my iPod, play a game, or go on myspace.

All together...
Do my parents have the right to tell me I can't use what I bought?
And can't I use it whenever for whatever I want?

I paid for it entirely. I had no help from them. I find it unfair that I dont have full rights to what I bought with MY own money.
Please help me!

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Sounds like a case of Parents being Parents - taking their role seriously - trying to look after your best interests while you're a minor - be thankful, many, many, have parents who don't care - when you're an adult you can make choices for yourself...I hope you'll make good ones !!

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lbpimp don't be stupid. robber.. you didn't mention your age. If you are under 18 you are still a child in their eyes and therefore they think they can still rule you. This however is unacceptable of them because like you said, you paid for the laptop entirely. What I would suggest is that you and your parents sit down with the laptop, and discuss rules in the house, rules of what times you can be on your laptop.. negotiate a bit. Maybe they don't want you on it because of the internet dangers. Why not suggest an anti-virus programme installed and child safety assuming you do not want to look at p*rn. This will put their mind at ease of any dangers of peadophiles or hacks. Maybe you can let them have their own account on the laptop, make them feel like they are part of this. I know it's YOUR laptop.. but be generous, be creative


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I had to log on to the China page for this so I'm quessing your from china. . . Most countries give Parents this right till the child is 18. . . Not sure about china.

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I honestly dont like this whole deal with parents in this world

I mean when you turn 18 you are officially free of parental rule

or so you thought

most parents will just say if you are going to live under my roof

you wil listen to me.

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Ok so I can actually help you out unlike all these other people whos answers arent worth crap.

No they do not have ANY control over your laptop. You bought it, you saved up money,

I would keep your laptop in your possession at all times and not let them get near it.

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whoa pattiecake take it down a notch. You are right, but so is everyone else. * you do need to negotiate with them. make them think that they are in control and can feel better. it IS your laptop, but YOU are living in THEIR house. they have that right. Negotiate with them.

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I think they are more concerned with access to the internet via your lap top., due to the type of sites that are available. I'm sure they are just concerned about your well being. Sit down with them and show them what you are using it for. Show them they can trust you and don't let them down. Come to an agreement about the amount of time you spend on your lap top, maybe teach them how to use it.

Good Luck

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damn rite they have the rite to take ur frickin laptop away from u... i bet ur some kind of whiney brat that has no friends... i also bet that u crused ur parents off. I have a friend that thinks if he buy something his mom or dad cant do anything to it... but ur living under their roof and u should just deal with it. BTW my friends is now a lonley retart going into his freshman year with no idea how luck he is to have a mom and dad that get him anything he wants...

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save up a few more bucks and by a software program like my daughter did for me. i was very hesitant to allow her to have her own laptop at 15. the software program put controls on the laptop(parental type controls) that would not allow any inappropriate websites to be viewed. she also voluntarily allowed me to view the history of her daily surfing habits. if you want the toys, show them your mature enough to play.

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Dear robber120,
This is a problem I deal with over and over with families. Unfortunately while you live under their roof they have that kind of control. Waiting to live on your own can seem like forever especially when you need your parents to feed you, clothes you and put a roof over your head. During this time it is best to follow their rules so that you will not get things taken away. No one likes to do their chores, be home on time, and get good grades all the time but if that is what they expect then bid your time wisely and do what is will not loose your possessions this way. When you become a parent you will no doubt follow this path as well.
Sue...good luck

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I would say no they don't have the right to especially if you were responsible enough to save all that money yourself & purchase such an expensive item. It obviously shows you have a good take on responsibility & I think you should discuss that with them . But... they are still your parents & if its affecting life at home or school then yes they should have a say when you use said laptop set some boundaries with them talk it over & see how it turns out . DONT argue with them talk & they will listen. Hope this helps =)

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wtf dude...hellya they have the right 2...their ur parents... they raised u., they own u ..,what has this world gone 2

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Dude who called the kid a retard back off or I will report you not kidding he bought it its his

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