Bushfires in Victoria, Australia.

I am assuming that people who don’t live in Australia have been hearing about the bushfires that have been going on here? The worst in Australia’s history with almost 200 killed so far and many still missing. I live on the other side of Australia, but every time I turn on the news and see the devestation and loss of life I just cry. It’s so awful. This morning I was reading the news on the internet and opened a page which had all these photos of kids, babies, pets, mothers and fathers - I first thought these were the survivors but then read that they were some of the ones who were burnt to death. It makes me so sad and angry that people deliberatly lit these fires, I am actually finding that I feel depressed. I don’t know that this is really a question, I just wanted to let that out :(

Answer #1

So sorry that things are going so bad out there. People are having their lives destroyed and it seems others have nothing better to do. Hopefully they will get caught and prosecuted soon.

Answer #2

yes, I too live in australia, in melbourne and have heard about the bushfires on the 28th one started right outside my house, luckily fire trucks came to put it out before it damaged any of the other houses that were so close to it while not all of the bushfires were deliberatly lit, whoevere lit the ones that were, are disgusting sick people so far 181 people have died, but its estimated there are over 300 dead and 7000 people have been left homelss people of australia have alreday donated over 48 million dollars and theres a lot more money being donated as well so for the people who do survive wont be left with nothing thansk to those people if you are depressed, it might make you happier to help those people out a bit you could donate a bit of money to the red cross or even donate other things like clothes, toys, ect to them

Answer #3

I feel bad for you guys my prayers go out to y’all

Answer #4

Senseless murders - my thoughts and prayers go out to you and all Australians !!

Answer #5

Everyone should look at this, it’s about the koala that reached out to a fireman for water as the poor little thing was burnt and thirsty, its so cute:


Answer #6

I heard alittle about the bushfires, though I havent watched the news lately. I think it is so easy for a fire to start from the smallest thing, like dropping a cigarettee without putting it out, leaving an open fire burning, leaving a barbeque burning etc. I think the best thjings to do are to prepare urself for emergency just in case it happens. Have plenty of water supply around and practice fire procedures as well, like if you have children.

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