What are other states with unpredictable weather?

Here in Ohio we have the most unpredictable weather ever! I mean it rains one day, snows the next, then is sunny! It can be 20 degrees on Tuesday then 60 degrees on Wednesday. So I’m curious, any other states out there who have this same wacky weather?

Answer #1

Yeah, southern California is odd.. Yesterday it was sunny and normal, I go in my room for a couple of hours, then go outside and it’s windy, cloudy and freezing =/

Answer #2

Try Montana. I have seen a nice 70^f day at noon, and a blizzard when I left work. Its common to see all 4 seasons in 2-3 days in the spring/ fall. Saying around here is its the only place you can slip on the ice, fall in the mud, and stand up and dust yourself off.

From a site I found a few years back Montana holds a lot of records for screwy weather. http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/tfx/tx.php?wfo=tfx&type=html&loc=text&fx=topweather There is some of them.

Answer #3

Potside of philadelphia. Last winter we had 4 dats in row of light snow, then 2 dasy with 80 degrees!! then it rained

Answer #4

washinton state has some parrts with unpredictable weather…

Answer #5

Montana is certainly unpredictable…it can drop 50 degrees in 45 minutes…makes it hard to dress for the weather.


Answer #6

Victoria, Australia. Usually, the weather is fine, sunny and pleasant. However, it can get very nasty at times. Wednesday was very hot with a top of about 38 degrees. Thursday was cool with plenty of rain. On Friday, we had only about 22 degrees. Now, the weather is fine, and cool. Crazy!

Answer #7

not a state… but a province :P Toronto has been getting messed up weather!! it was hailing this morning… turned to wet snow on my way to school… then became sunny during the afternoon once I reached campus!

p.s. imu how you been doing bud? :)

Answer #8

southern IL

Answer #9

Southern California. One hour it could be raining like crazy the next it could be cool and sunny

Answer #10

In Denver !! Omg it is so bad I sometimes hate it because they say o its gana snow and then it has the brightest sun then one day it snows and the next hour you see the sun shinning brite it sometimes can get anoying.

Answer #11

south flordia we have da same problem one mintue itll b 39 degrees and like 30 miontues later itsz 70 degrees!! den it starts rainin really hard and da next 5 mintues itsz off

Answer #12

arkansas! it sucks @$$

Answer #13

Basically any state in New England is really off. I remember one year that there was 18 inches of snow that fell on the ground and the very next day it was almost 70 degrees. I was playing basketball in shorts and pushing my friends in snowbanks.

Answer #14

I think Texas by FAR! We are known for our insanly unpredictable weather! Just yesterday, it was a perfect 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky. People were laying out at the pool and having BBQs… then we woke up this morning with 6 inches of snow on the ground and tempatures in the 20’s! It is not unusual for it to be in sunny and not a cloud in the sky and then to have a huge thunderstorm an hour later… then the sun comes back out an hour after that. Texas weather by far is the most unpredictable!

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