Best way to doggy train

whats the best way to stop the doggy pee-ing and pooing on the floor. . it wil only be night times im worryed about as it will be out in the kennal all day… and I’ve just had new carpit put down… soo need to no the best way

Answer #1

You need to be crate training this puppy. He can not roam free and pee at will. You also need to set a schedule that you are taking him out to potty and do not let him come in until he potties. Do not leave food down, he only has 15 mins. to eat his food, don’t worry he won’t starve, (only feed the recommended amount for your dog) then pick it up. Pick up your water after 7:00 at night and do not give it back until you get up in the morning and close the toilets.

Keep your dog on a leash in the same room you are in with you at all times. Your dog goes where your go. Do not let him out of your sight. This way you know when he has to potty. If he is not with you he is in the crate and the crate is where you can see it. DO NOT LEAVE your dog in the crate for long periods of time. At night your dog must sleep in his crate. When you get up you go to the bathroom and then you take your dog out. You take your dog out before you go to bed. Do not mess around after you take your dog out, go to bed. Your dogs crate should be in your bedroom.

When they say your dog is your champion, they are talking about puppy training. Go to the Library and check out a good book on training your dog. Purchase a book on your dogs breed and READ it. Keep it for reference for as long as your dog lives, about 14 years. Enroll in Puppy Kindergarten.

I can tell you this. If you do not follow my instructions you will most likely not keep your dog. Most people that do not train their dog correctly will most likely end up with the dog living in the back yard or in a shelter or given away. You are already frustrated.

You must have spent a lot of money on your dog. Now you need to go all the way and invest in the right tools to have a dog that is house broke and that you are proud of. Your puppy is old enough to be house trained and should not be doing his DOO in the house.

Spend the time and a little more money and have a dog that will make you proud. Besides by the time you spend a lot of money on products to clean your carpet, you could have bought a good training book and invested in a good 8 week class, that will give you a great dog.

It’s always the training not the dog.

Answer #2

crate that pup at night. Do not make it a habit of checking on them as that will raise the expectation on their end. Do not leave them in the crate at any other time. They need to understand that the crate is a good thing, not a bad thing. aaah rest!! yay I see my crate. if you have a secure porch or patio, a dog pillow and a crate will teach them to love their crate in a few days. mine sleep outside with a heater and protected from rain with tarps and rocks and hooks and an old dining table… they naturally understood their crate is home/ sleep time. Even if its 35 degrees, with the heater and the table trapping the heat they are fine.

Answer #3

The number one ingredient to have a house trained dog is…VIGILANCE. You must make housetraining your ‘mission in life’ for anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. Keep slip-on’s by the back door, and a bathrobe or something quick to get into handy…because for this two weeks…housetraining will be your ONLY mission.

Your goal is…to beat the puppy to the punch…You’ll learn his signals just by doing all that vigilance…like they’ll start sniffing, and circling…you pick him up and take him out BEFORE he goes…Rules of thumb are also…For puppies, take him out immediately when he wakes up (do not let him follow you to the door…pick him up and carry out the door)…take out immediately after eating. During play a little puppy should be taken out every 20 minutes or so (aren’t you glad they sleep so much?? )

Crate the pup when EVER you cannot watch it (when you leave, or are ultra busy)…instinct is for them to not dirty their nest…so make sure the crate is only big enough to stand up, turn around, etc…A new puppy will need to get out once during the night…but that only lasts a week or so…You don’t want the puppy having to go so bad he dirties his nest…you do NOT want to break that instinctive barrier…once that’s happened it’s hard to undo.

When you get the pup outside…say ‘pee pee’ or whatever…then love them up BIG when they go…this will get them to go on command, and save you from having hang out and wait in the future. A pup can learn this by 3 months old. p

If the puppy does pee or poop in the house…roll up a newspaper, and hit YOURSELF in the head, repeating the words…”I didn’t watch my puppy”…

Answer #4

Don’t push the dog face in it, I will give you a little advice Feed and let the dog out on a good schedule. dogs only know survival. we brought them into our homes and now we need to teach them what we went. When you are not home create the dog, when you get home let the puppy out. If the dog stops playing and starts sniffing around, good sign it needs to go out, When the dog wakes up, take it out I do not reccomend pee pads unless you use them all the time, this confusses a dog on weather they can pee in the house or not. If you see them having a accident. clap your hands or stomp your foot, anything to get them to stop. and take them outside, Give treats when dog goes outside If the you let the dog out of crate and it does not go pottie outside, put it back in create and repete every 1/2 hour until the dog goes outside, Read up on Cesar Millan. Remember dogs don’t know what we want from them, you have to teach them.

Answer #5

My mother trained my dog in a couple of days, she would take the dog to where he peed/pooped, say no, and then take him outside… (a smack to the butt doesnt hurt…), it took like 3 to 4 days and the dog wasnt exactly damaged for life…

Answer #6

well what we did was when out dog pooped we took her up to it and GENTLY pushed her face NEAR it NOT in it. and with pee. sooner or later theyll get the point oh im not suppose to be doin this here. also a little spank on the butt usally helped. but gentle! ad dont yell. to dogs yellin just seems like barking to them

Answer #7

I had to put my pup outside for a while before she knew not to go in the house.They have trainging pads in the store for pups that you just lay down and train your pup to go on them.

Answer #8

People are saying spend all this money but thats stupid!! Smacking gets you no where and so does books and everything If youw ant to rain your dog you have a scheduel on when you take your dog out to pee … whn you wake up then at 10 then at 12 then 2 then 4 then 6 then 8 simply every 2 hours and do not give your dog any more water after 6 let your dog out once more to pee b 4 you go to bed and then your dog shoudl b properly potty trained (also after the pee/poo give them a treta and say wee wee) so they assoiate wee with toilet time and they do thir business when you say it!!!

Answer #9

Even though professionals say not to spank them or rub their nose in it..that is the way I have trained all my dogs..and it worked like a charm…when they pee rub their nose IN IT..and when they go number 2 just put their face by it and spank them and say NO!…then take them to the door and grab their paw and scratch it on the door and then take them outside..this will show them that is what they need to do to get your attention when they need to go outside to go to the bathroom…I recently just got done training my 8 month old puppy..and he is great about it now.

Answer #10

U rub their nose in it an yell BAD DOG! and then put them outside

Answer #11

also take them out as much as possible

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