Best way to deal with allergies to cats?

What is the best way to deal with allergies to cats? Several friends & family have acquired a cat as a pet over the last few years, and my allergies to them have gotten worse. Is taking some kind of allergy medication the only way to deal with this, aside from avoiding their houses where the cats live?

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Here is a web site for all of your Allergy questions.

I hope this helps.

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Hi thedude,
Welcome to my world...hubby is very, very allergic to cats and well everything else too. Avoidance is what the allergist suggests. Taking medication of course will help some but will not eliminate all the symptoms. If you must visit these homes with cats I suggest a nasal wash when you return home as well as washing all the clothes you and your immediate family wore as well as a shower. This will help not to pollute your own home with the dander.
Sue...good luck

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