How badly do you think abbreviated texting has affected written languages within the last 15 years?

Do you think it promotes laziness in the people of today, or is it more like a revolution against the regulations of grammar? Like breaking out of the shell of conform covering our society.

Answer #1

I think it has affected peoples’ spelling and grammar tremendously. And I think it has a lot to do with lazyness and the fact people read a lot of words that have been abbreviated and later forget how to spell that word. For example: a friend of mine texts all the time in abbreviated language and over the years he’s gotten worse at spelling than my younger brothers who are half his age.

Answer #2

In some ways yes, but we have to remember that language (written and verbal) has been and will always be evolving.

Answer #3

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No but really, it’s a cluster f*ck of nonsense.

Answer #4

It’s really in how you perceive it. Language evolves at a steady rate. Just think for a moment about the language of the Renaissance, and how much that changed by the Victorian era. Even over the past 100 years you can see changes in the way words are spelled, or how they are used. Sure - text-speech drives me crazy, but who’s to say it’s not the birth of a new form of language. Perhaps, in fifty years, wll all b riting lik dis.

Answer #5

Dictionaries have slowed the rate that language changes. Traffic signs have been abbreviating “through” as “thru” for a while and it is catching on elsewhere. Currently spelling is based the etymology of a word rather than its modern use and pronunciation. Words from French are spelled according to French rules, German by German rules, etc. What we need is a consistent system of mostly phonetic Anglicized spelling. We should be able to spell almost any word we can correctly pronounce. As it stands now letters have multiple sounds (hard, soft, long, short, accented guttural, labial aspirated and even silent) and each sound has multiple representations. Abbreviated texting depends far too much on context to become universal. C U L8R

Answer #6

I certainly hope not.

Answer #7

Abbreviated texting is handy if you’re in a huge rush and you’re trying to get a message through to someone real quick,but it drives me up the wall when people use it all the time.And I think that computers and cell phones period have greatly affected people’s capabilities in handwritting,that’s why I am aginst public schools replaceing books with computers.And I predict that about 20 years from now most people won’t know how to write in cursive.

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