Bad roomates

Anybody have a roomate from hell?

Answer #1

I dont right now - but I have had tons of bad roomies.

I lived with 2 guys my age before - they were slobs, left food out to mold, never picked up their clothes, dishes, etc. They would steal all of my girly products in the bathroom, forget to flush the toilet, have all their friends over for “Game Nights” in which a bunch of nerds came over and played wow or call of cthulu.

I’ve lived with a girl: Who stole from me and all of my friends that came over, constantly lied, was always late with the rent, had random guys over every night and had extremely loud sex with them, etc. I kicked her out pretty fast.

Answer #2

I had one my Freshman year. He was a really rich kid, his family came from some sort of wealth in Nigeria so he automatically came with an attitude. I hadn’t been living on campus, and then about 3 weeks into the first semester I decided to move into a dorm, and he thought I was the scum of the Earth.

Almost every night, he would come in drunk consistently around 2:30-3:00 in the morning and turn all the lights on in the room, even though I was asleep. Sometimes he brought his friends in and they made tons of noise, to the point where I RA made regular visits to our room. One time, he had sex while I was in the room sleeping. He stole money from me, ate my food, stole some of my books, the list of things went on and on. He ended up failing out of school towards the end of second semester though.

I think it’s an obligatory experience for people to have a really horrible roommate at one point in their lives.

Answer #3

Sticky notes!! This is the answer I have found for all the horible roommate I have had. I had about 8 or 9 roommates while I was in school ( and no it wasn’t me, eventually the housing department appoligized, ‘cause the people the put me with no one else would live with). Roommate doesn’t do her/his dishes - designate a place for only their dishes. Roommate doesn’t clean up their stuff - pile it right in from of their bed, they will hve to notice that its there. But best of all, put little post-its everywhere. I once put koolaid in my own shampoo to stop one of my roommates from using it.

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