Bad Odor

Several years ago my landlord had asbestos siding removed form my building. In front where the sun hits most of the day I smell an odor that smells like rubber and I know some of the tar paper was not removed. She installed aluminum siding.I believe the odor is coming from the tar paper itself. My Q is, does anyone know if this odor is a hazzard to my health? I have brought this matter to her attention but sees it as not a threat. Is ti necessary to call the Board of Health? I really don’t want to satrt a war!

Answer #1

Contact the Board of Health in order to get an educated, professional opinion - nothing wrong with that.

Answer #2

Well if it’s anything like carbon monoxide you need to get it sorted, because it could be poisonous. I’ve heard of cases where people went to bed and never woke up because they didn’t realise that the smell going through the house could be fatal. It’s really sad when stuff like that happens because it could have been prevented. For your safety and anyone else who is around this, you should get help as soon as you can. Whether it’s the health and safety board or anyone else, you need to find out if you are in danger and if so, what can be done about it.

Answer #3

It’s your health and you have a right to protect yourself.

From what I know, tar paper odour is not toxic, but I’m no expert.

I suggest you call the Board of Health. Don’t file a complaint, but instead ask them if this is something that should be fixed - they’ll be able to tell you whether or not it’s something harmful and you can proceed from there.

Answer #4

I’d say call the board of health to be on the safe side. You do have the right to protect your health and yourself for that matter. I’m not sure if tar could cause health problems but, you need to contact the board of health and see what they say. Don’t conplain to the land lady just go directly to the health inspectors.

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