Is urine bad for plants trying to grow?

i want to grow avocados with the toothpick method and wondered if i put a little pee in the water, would it grow faster? i have heard that people also used their animal’s poop to mix in soil also.

Answer #1

lmao! I never heard of that. But one time my neighbor told us that is plants were burning up because there was this dog that always peed on the plants.

Answer #2

the pee would have to be diluted in lots of water first thats why.

Answer #3

No it wont

Answer #4

Feces would be okay for them, not sure on urine though.

Answer #5

no it wont grow?

Answer #6

eww haha. umm i dont think pee would help them grow..i think it would kill them…but for animal feces…i think it depends on what animal you get it from.

Answer #7

pee is not good for plants at all :(

Answer #8

The ammonia in your pee will kill the roots thus killing the plants.

Answer #9

You had better not do that. The tree will die and your surrounding will smell bad LOL

Answer #10

The answer is yes. Pee is bad for plants. It comes out sterile, but all kinds of bacteria begin to grow shortly after. The poop is ok, but dilute it in water. Actually, is this all really worth it? Just use some good potting soil and water and you can grow anything. It’s not expensive, and works very well.

Answer #11

Pee is also acidic so it is not good for most plants who can’t tolerate acidic pH levels.

Answer #12

Manure is good for plants yes. But urine, no because it’s acidic and the nitrogen levels are too concentrated.

Answer #13

Urine (ammonia, various salts, uric acid) is bad for any plant in excess… Too many nitrogen compounds. Fertilize with piss, you get dead plants D:

Answer #14

Urine is not good for plants for all the reasons others here posted. I’d suggest getting some rooting powder and sprinkle a little into the water to help establish healthy roots. The better the roots, the better the plant.

Answer #15


Answer #16

its good only for trees not plants . .

Answer #17

it is good for plants, but u better use your washroom ;p

Answer #18

not really. it gives them minerals to grow

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