Bedroom makeover... bad idea?

I was thinking about getting rid of my bedframe and just leaving my mattress on the floor and then I would get rid of my dresser and get a coffee table and possibly finding bins to put under it for my clothers or just put shelves in my closet. Would this look "trashy" if I had everything really low? My cieling really isnt high maybe 8 or 9 feet high. My room is a dark purple now, but I was thinkin of painting it a green or a yellow if that makes it any better. So tell me what you think..

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awww... its your room, you have to live there so if you like it then go 4 it :)

dark purple would make teh room seem smaller so go for a nice bright color

you cant go wrong with white, or a beige type

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You should keep your mattress off the floor so it can breathe don't want moisture to get trapped inside of it.

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It is your room, true, and you should do what makes you feel comfortable, but there is almost no way to stage a mattress on the floor without it looking cheap. A mattress with no frame or headboard makes a room look unfinished, not large. 9-foot ceilings aren't exactly small, so I think you're overthinking trying to make your room look bigger. Expand the space with light colors and put molding around the ceiling to give it lift. Paint and molding are by far the easiest, cheapest ways to make over a room.

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