Who should be responsible for bad water at my house?

my family rents a house, and we live in a farm area so our water source comes from a well and the wate doesnt smeel or taste good at all, shouldnt the owners take care of the problem? I know we have told them a couple times about it, but they dont do anything.

Answer #1

take a sample to the health dept. they will test the water and if it needs fixed the person that owns it has to fix it. to fix it all you do is dump around 6 gallons of bleach in the well let it sit for 24 hours dont use any water at all for the 24 hrs then start useing it. it will take about 3 days before you can drink the water. I have to do this once a year.

Answer #2

in the country all water comes from a canal or well and there is paracytes in it and it will make you have diarea you have to boil the water and filter it.

Answer #3

We have well water at my house. The water shouldn’t be consumed and yes, it does smell like a wet dog and it is “soft” water so it feels like it won’t come off when your bathing. To maintain and clean the water for use, you are supposed to mix a salt solution in the water tank every so often. It will not ever smell any better, nor be good enough for drinking unless you boil it first. We have a Kentwood water dispenser which is what everyone pretty much has around here. If it is really brown or orange, they need to put more salt is all, but it will always be an orange tinted color, and it leaves rust stains easily. People on well water are just poop outta luck lol

Answer #4


It technically depends on the lease…do you have one that you can refer to? I know on my lease, the landlord (owner) is responsible for “providing safe and sanitary living conditions, including stable house/roof structure, running clean water, and pest control”.

Check your lease, and if you don’t have a lease, I’m afraid there is not much legally you can do…the absence of a lease would make them not responsible for much of anything…

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