Any ex-packrats out there ?

I have way too much for the space I live in. Husband is a pack rat. What is the best secret you have for sorting out the keepers from the donates and trash? We’re struggling to make some sense of all this clutter and letting go. All suggestions and short-cuts welcome.

Answer #1

He hangs on to things because of something in his mind. Usually it is an indication of someone trying to be frugal or saving something. Fear of needing it later and not having it. He has to see it as a pile of junk. One trick is to help him see what you see. What do you see? The pack. What does he see. The possible need for it later. Now it’s either he really does need it and is lazy to do projects, or he just wants to keep it for future possibility. If it’s for future possible use, he is overlooking the value of the space being overwhelmed by the junk. Build a confidence in the funds you have in him. This part establishes we can afford to buy what we need later and it’s not worth holding junk until then. Make him fall in love with the whole house. Like things he can do if he had the space. Love creates in the world. Narrow vision blocks the rest out. Its called focusing. In focusing he fails to see peripheral. So build a peripheral view of things so he isn’t so focused, or change his focus. These mental changes will automatically create changes in the world. THe changes people need to make are in the mind. The mind is in control. Change it and you change the world.

Answer #2

if the reaosn for you pack-ratted ness is sentimental or gotten attached because you ve had it for so long. Then what I do is store it someplace & got hrough it once a month after why ou dont see it in its normal place for a while youll get sick of it. && sell it at a garage sale. or salvation army.

Answer #3

I throw away anything I havent used in a year… (I saw something about the 1 year rule on some tv show, it’s really helped…)

Answer #4

binary102 Thank you for your vision. My other half has a penchant for all things “computer” and technical. At any time we have had 6-8 projects going on-other peoples computers in my living room and spilling over into the hallway and kitchen. I have persuaded him to move half to storage for now until the parts arrive. You are right about his reasons for clinging to things. He’s so certain those old cans of paint will be needed some day. He does however put a little value in floor space. Now how to change his focus from computers 18 hrs. a day to me… lol lol

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