How to get my boyfriend to pay me back for our rental deposit?

Hi Everyone,

My ex(now) long term boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. We had to break the lease of the house that we were renting and all it was and still is very hard as i adore him dearly still. You see the thing is it has turned a little ugly well he wont give me my half of the bond back, its like $400 and i need that money… ive texted him, tried to call him, everything i dont know what to do. PLease someone help me what are some of my options…

Answer #1

WOw thanks so much for the feedback… its all sorted out… hahaha… my dad ended up ringing him so yeah.. thanks soo much guys,.

Answer #2

i think he’s bitter, and its his way of you keepin in touch, maybe you could say that, cuz he wont admit it, so say to him, give me the cash, an i will leave u alone forever, then its your choice weather you do or not, it should work, but if not i dont think you’ll get it back. men are wierd after split ups.

Answer #3

Just want to add - if you really need some financial assistance, there’s always the family and or other friends you could try asking.

Hope it works out for you.

Answer #4

wat a horrible person, do u know where he lives? i would pester him, stalk him, make his life a living hell until he gave me that money. call him wenever possible, and if u still cant get through to him, go to the police.(though they are rather useless.)or, like as suggested above, borrow the money from friends and family. BUT DONT LET THAT GUY GET AWAY WITH WAT HE’S DOING!!!!!!

Answer #5

If none of the other adives works for you that everyone has given to you. Maybe you need to take me to Court. And get it settled there.

Answer #6

THANKS EVERYONE SOOOO MUCH>… its all sorted… thanks

Answer #7

and dont let him forget he owes you money.

Answer #8

Wow that sounds like a tough situation. Perhaps try talking to someone you both know who can mediate between the both of you.

Good luck getting this resolved and I hope it works out for you.

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