how do I get rid of coackroaches

Sorry if I’m grossing you out people, but mnh how do I get rid of coackroaches. I just moved to this new house, and I only rent a room, but the lady of the house has big problem with coackroaches and well the first days I didnt see them only at night and in the kitchen, but now I see them everywhere. Please help me I cannot move out cause its the only affordable place in L.A, and I have a one year old baby and I dont want him to ge sick how do I get rid of them???

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go get a shotgun and blow them up lol or just get a exterminator and tell the owner

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Remember people the thing is I only rent a room!! in a ladys house

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Is that all I can do?? I mean they are al over and I got no money to pay for an exterminator for the whole house

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If you see one, you have 100 you can’t see. Some tips to eliminate them from your home. If you have read some of my previous articles, you will know I have discussed boric acid as a neat trick of the trade. This product works extremely well for cockroaches. They too have a waxy exo-skeleton and the boric acid eats through it nicely causing dehydration and elimination… If you have a cockroach infestation, clean out all of your cabinets. Once cleaned out, us a spoon to sprinkle the boric acid in all of the corners of them. Don’t leave piles, just a sprinkle. Boric Acid is not a harmful chemical to humans, but the cockroach is not human. Once you have put the boric acid down, put everything back and wait. You will need to repeat this process about once a month for a couple three months. While it is not quick, it will remove the infestation, without costing upwards of $1,000.00.

Prevention on the other hand is a different thing all together. Cockroaches have survived millions of years by being sneaky. They lay their eggs in anything and everything. Sofas, Anwar’s, China Cabinets, Bookcases, Tables, Chairs… etc. If you purchase furniture used, you will need to follow a couple of steps. If the item is wood or metal, put it in the garage and wait 10 to 15 days. This gives eggs a chance to hatch and for you to see the little buggers. You can also take and cover it with plastic, purchase a can of the bug-be-gone fogger and zap it. I would recommend doing this outdoors too. Check the instructions on the fogger for residue cautions. You can do this with furniture made of cloth too, but, that would be at your own discretion. I would be wary of using a fogger in that confined of an area. The waiting period and a thorough once over is the best method. Here is another tid-bit. Where you purchase the furniture, check for pest control signs or just ask.

If you end up with a full blown infestation, the tips above will work, but it takes time. It really depends on your situation. If you live in an apartment, you may be getting them from the next door neighbor. In that case, you need to talk to the landlord. If you live in your own home, the tips above work much better. With apartment living the tips above keep them at bay, but will likely never get totally rid of them… unfortunately.

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my math teacher has coakroches in a cage. I luv 2 hold them, and put the dead ones on peoples head. LOL im dead serious 2.! anyway, you should just call th eexterminator. he will help u. good luck!

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get some cockroach spray its cheaper then exterminator or baits from the grocery store I’ve used baits they work just make sure you renew when they are due. I’ve got adult children never harmed them and yes roaches are gross make my skin crawl thinking about them yuck

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Insecticide Spray.

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As I read in a previous answer that boric acid eats the extoskelton away. That’s not correct. Boric acid is a stomach poison. Once put out as a lite dusting, the cockroach crawls through it, gets it on its body, as it cleans itself, ingests the boric acid and is poisoned.

However, boric acid does work in getting rid of cockroaches if applied properly along with Combat roach bait gel. I’ve been treating for cockroaches for 16 years with great results.

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I don’t know if your problem’s taken care of yet but… Dont use an xterminator you can buy the same stuff they use 4 like $10 or $15 at a hardware store..where they charge prices 4xs that..Its put up by raid its in a tube…gold and black box cant thnk of the actual stuff…This stuff works wonders my aunt used it 4 her house and got rid of them within 3 or 4 months…but if there through out the house the chances are slim that you can get them and keep them out of one room…so you all would have to come together and put it throughout the house…btw DONT use bombs you would have to stay out 4 a lng period of time and still at risk of gettin your child sick…where with the tube you put it out of reach frm your child ex:-top of door fram-…it kinda looks like peanut butter…hope this works any questions funmail me

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yes first I would bring it to the attention of the apartment manager, the buildings owners should take care of it for you.

you may have to stay on them until they do something about it. BE PERSISTANT!!!

I have some experience with what doesn’t work, I am not sure what specific brand of “plug in pest control device” it was but it wasn’t working- the roaches were pretty much playing cards on the thing.

I would be extremely cautious with a one year old present- maybe stay at a friends house for a few days after they spray. I am not familiar with your circumstances- but staying somewhere while your place airs out may be the thing to do- you could also ask the exterminators what they would recommend. it may be safe to stay there after spraying.

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