What do you think of all my poems?

No one knew about her And all the shame she hides About her family and her pride No one cared about her

She tried telling someone but no one gave a damn No one seemed to understand All the pain and suffering she had

She told someone how she felt About how she loved him the chances of him loving her were slim He thought she was joking about this

He went and betrayed her Broke her heart even more Til she walked out that door And never looked back at him

She regrets telling him now She wishes she kept it inside To let her heart search far and wide For someone that would appreciate her

She wished so much That she had to let love be That girl was me And how I dared to dream

You mean the world to me I cant let you leave I’ve always loved you Why cant you just believe?

I would go anywhere For your love Fly to the top of a tower Like a little dove

I would do anything For your kiss Say “I Love You” For that simple bliss

I would say anything To have you hold me tight Rock me gently And make it alright

Thats why I have to make you see That you mean the world to me I need you in my life So why cant we be?

I trusted you But you broke my heart Why didn’t you love me? Now Im missing a part

I feel Such a rage Like a bird Trapped in a cage

No matter how hard I struggle and try Im still not Able to fly

I feel so helpless Cant someone save me And let me out So I can finally flee

We are all like birds Wanting to believe That we can all Just finally leave.

The scars on my heart Are starting to heal Because you were there To help make me feel

I was a helpless child Until you came along To pick me up And make me strong

No one cared about me Except for you I couldnt believe it because You were too good to be true

You were there To help make me see That im unique And I have to be me

I’ve waited forever For you to come here To take me away From all of my fear

I’ve waited so long I dont think I can trust But if your going to take me I know that I must

I’ll never win the fight So leave the world in darkness, Even though Im not ready I’ll find the light

I’ll be an angel in the sky Making my way to heaven, Filled with hope That someday I can fly

Fly away from my fears All my pain, All my suffering finally get rid of my tears

Mabey one day I’ll win the fight, And in heaven I will stay

When I look in your eyes All I can see is lies, I thought I loved you But I was wrong about that too

I should have know by now That I was never found, I was always lost And it hurt me the most

All I ever wanted was love And all my thoughts prove, That I will never get my wish I will never get true loves kiss

You loved me But I told you That we could never be, And I believed that too

Things were getting in our way Nothing was going right So I prayed for a day to hopefully get one night

One night to have fun And for mr to be free And let my spirit run One night for me to become we

But right now I cant stay I want to lie And say just one day.

I felt that pain Of being alone There was nothing to lose And even less to gain

It felt as if I was naked And it wasn’t right I had nothing to love Or a reason to fight

You abused me For so long You forgot that It was wrong

I tried to yell But no one listened Because there was Nothing to tell

You always thought I was lying, But my heart was dying Because I couldnt fight

My body will heal But my brised and battered Body will not feel Because I am now gone

I called your name As I continue to stare At that long black road But nothing was there

You left me All alone With my heart As heavy as stone

Why did you Give up on me I said Im sorry You didnt have to leave

I stare At the starry sky, Wishing I was there Wishing I could fly

The night black And the stars bright, I see something I lack Something out of sight

It seems so far away And I just can’t reach, Although, I try each day I still can’t get over this feat

I need someone to help me Touch the sky So I can be free And I don’t have to lie

Help free me From all this pain Hurry now Or it willbe in vain

All of these Poisonous pills And psycotic minds Are making me ill

They fill me With hate and fear They dry up All of my tears

All I need you to do Is set my heart free But whatever you do Dont leave me

Angel of death I see you in my dreams, You wake me up And make me scream

I see you in the night So cold and black You make me fight For my life

You squeeze and crush me Until I can not breathe Why can’t you leave me be? I didn’t do anything

I only have one life So please give me one night To fix my mistakes And make everything alright

So beautiful And carefree can’t you see Why your my friend?

Your always ready To lend a hand And help people when They cant find land

You make me Feel so strong When I stumble along My winding path

That’s why your my friend So kind and caring So bold and daring And I love you just that same

You filled me with hate you filled me with fear You made me scream Even though you weren’t near

You made me feel worthless You made me feel ill You were there To feed me those pills

I was so dark I was so cold But during my darkest days I was still bold

I didn’t give up I didn’t give in I cursed you forever Even though it was a sin

I was struck with terror I wanted to look away, But that icy blue stare Kept me at bay. It sent a chill down my spine, It was a new thrill That I never felt before. he could see into my soul like an open window, Im the dark he searched But I couldn’t let him know. It was never there The love he searched for, I had it hidden somewhere Where it would remain forever.

The rain beats me It leaves scars on my back, All the hate and fear Come out with every loud smack.

The lightning overhead Grasps at my breath, It waits and waits Just for my death.

I will not give in The memories will not fade, I have found love now And I will no longer be your slave.

sorry that its so long… these are all my other poems… tell me if you like em or hate em… and can I have some tips on writing better? thanks! <3

Answer #1

wow! ur amazing i loved it it is so true i feel like tat sometimes and ur so good…u should write a book i would totally bye it cuz …

ur poems arnt words written to debate they r meanings dealing with love and hate and everytime i read i feel like i need some more of ur motivation to give me relation to everything and everyone whos has ever felt pain and fear or has ever cried a single tear and when i read the words that flow i no its not just for show cuz u write with ur heart and carry it past the start and for this i thank you for helping me outa the dark and u have already left a mark on me cuz u have made me free and let me believe in all u write and as ur pen takes flight no i believed and didnt percieve u as a poser but more of a chooser bout all the things that make us ache and all the things we try to make fake- thank you so much u r like a crutch to help support me and set me free… ok so im not as good as u but its true that was amazing!

Answer #2

You have a beautiful way of putting words together. I could actually here those words in a song. keep dreaming and let your spirit fly above the eagle underneat the clouds above, telling it like it is or what it once was.

Answer #3

aw there so cute lol your rele good dont let anyone steal those lol

Answer #4

i think all of your peoms r good just keep up the good work

Answer #5

I like the first and lat one :-). Keep writing, it will keep your soul flying.

Answer #6


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