1200 calories per day too low?

If I consume 1200 calories per day (Ima girl) is that healthy?

Cause I read that that is the minium amount you can take in.

Also, How could I have breakfast lunch and dinner with 1200 calories? What foods? Thanks. :)

Answer #1

Calorie intake is a tough one. Some bodies shut down the break down of calories when they dont get enough.. So some people find that they gain weight be eatign less calories. You have to eat the right foods. I had the same problem, then a buddy told me what worked for him. THis book taught him how to eat healthy. It lets you lose weight safe and healthy and you keep the weight off. I hope it helps and good luck www.dietsolutionstoday.com

Answer #2

It really depends on how active you are. 2,000 calories is considered average, but that average is a combination of men and women, large and small, with a variety of different fitness styles. If you don’t exercise, and you’re not still growing, you don’t need much (though it is always healthier to eat more and compensate by exercising than it is to cut calories).

Answer #3

Oh man, it’s funny you ask this today because I was just reading something about this question and it was answered by one of the Olympic gymniasts(I know I butchered that spelling).

I believe you’ll find this article helpful. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20225809,00.html

Answer #4

I always hear that we should eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a Pauper. Also, try your best not to eat at all after 7pm.

Always, Always eat Breakfast, all the slim healthy people do! A bowl of ceral with low fat milk is a great start, and under 300 calories!

Try salads with cheese or meat for dinner.

1,200 calories may be too low for you if you are still growing. Try eating 1,800 but include lots of fruits and vegies.

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