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How to survive a breakup

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Explain yourself??? Who you are?

How do I explain who I am??

I don't know how to write an about me or even know who I am.

I'm a deep person...I just don't know how to explain it.

Does anyone understand??


Why don't people say bye?

Ok another dumb on but its a pet peeve of mine and really really sets me off, is why don't people say bye anymore, like they just hang up the phone or get offline, I am looking for opinions and comments or even answers as to why?


Where did the phrase "hunkie dorrie" come from?

Where did this phrase originate? I know what it means but want to know where it started and why?
An answer to this question would be hunke dorrie.


How do you find out what classification you are?

Yes this is one of those stupid annnoying questions that someone will post because they are bored but also I just wonder how do you find out what actually classification you are.


Just tips not anserews

Write a third root function that has a center point of (-4,9) and has the end behavior as x approaches infinity the function of x approaches negative infinity
Can you give me a tip on how to start


How much exercise should a 15 year old be doing?

I'm a 15 year old girl and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much exercise I should be doing a week? Or how many minutes a day? Please can some one help me find out, I've tried looking on the internet but I don't think it was very truthful. T...


Cool, funny rhyming..Mary had a canary...

So who thinks this one is cool? Say it quite fast...
Mary had a canary, she also had a duck ,she took it behind the kitchen door and taught it how to... fry a fish for dinner fry a fish for tea, the more you eat the more you drink the more you want to ...


Nickname ideas for stephanie other than steph?

My names Stephanie;
and I want a good nickname.

but nothing like steph;
something good :)


What is 5'7'' in meters?

k...well I apparently 5' 7 means 5 feet and 7 inches...
but I dunno how to read my height like that...
im what am I in "feet and inches" god this sounds so stupid!

please answer someone!


Do you think its right to fight?

Is it right for someone to strike another if their life is not in immediate danger? I don't think its ok. And forget about the law and tell me what YOU think.


Can I drink alcohol while taking levofloxacin?

Can I drink alcohol while taking levofloxacin?


What does this watch dream mean?

I keep having a recuring dream where I go to look at my watch and its not on my wrist (even though I wear it all the time), or that I've lost my watch. Does this dream have any particular meaning?


What 20 reasons can I use to get my phone back?

My parents took my phone and I need to find a way to get it he said that if I can give him 20 reasons he will give it to me but this the catch he said it has to be legit questions so please help.


Telephone numbers that start with 02.

I keep getting calls from someone who's number starts with 02 at strange times. Mostly in school, classes etc. I was wondering what area's of the world have phone numbers that start with 02, both mobile and homephones.


Guess Who's Kid Im Having

Ok so I thought that I was having my ex's kid but when he moved he called me from a private line and told me that "Its Not Mine" before I could say anything.. when I asked him how he knew he said that him and my brother who is 9 were jacking off in jar...


How to figure out peoples passwords?

How to figure out peoples passwords?


Why do people say stupid stuff like "ching chang chong" when there talking about or are around Asian people?

that so retarded and makes no type of sense just because that's not actually what they say or sound like, i don't get it,like what does it even mean, and what are peoples intentions when they do it? are they trying to be funny or cool, or they really t...


What does sus mean?

What d0es sus mean?


Guiness World Record for being Silent/Quiet

Hi, I was wondering if there is a World Record for being Silent/Quiet the longest ?
If so how long was it for ?



Stop stress and anger at life!

ok, rite now my life is one great big mess. friends argueing, family moaning, I get frustrated/ angry lots, confused about feelings, find life generally pointlss! to cut an extremely long explaination short, I am stessed out/ angry and I hate being mad...


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