Is "funer" a word?

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why not ?

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Because it's not in the dictionary. It hasn't been recognized as an official word. It's grammatically incorrect. Not sure how else to explain it to you.

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There is one more explanation. You're improperly forming an adjective from a noun, the word you might be looking for is funnier. ^^

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No ma'am. You would say *more fun.

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nope, its funer it comes from fun like happy, happier, happiest

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r u sure its not funer ?

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Okay I see we're you're going with this. Sadly, you can't form words exactly like that. The word "fun" is an example of such a case. :/

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You can say "funner" all you want, i'm sure everyone will understand what you mean but technically it is NOT a word.

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Postive. c:

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I am also positive, and Mig's first explanation hit the nail on the head with its technical precision.

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:( okay

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i wish it was though :(

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Well language is an evolving system. If you and enough other people start to use it in the manner you suggest, it will be absorbed into the so-called "vernacular" and (typically about ten year later) it will appear in standard dictionaries as an accepted word in the English language. However, I am pretty certain that if that were to happen, it would appear with the spelling "funner" (your spelling "funer" would be pronounced in such a way as to rhyme with "tuner" e.g. "piano tuner")

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you guys talk really smart

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Funner is a word.

adjective ( funner, funnest ) informal
amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable

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I just looked it up in the dictionary, so please don't try and argue with me and try to outsmart a dictionary.

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@Dominique Vaughn The accepted international standard for English: is the repository of the spoken word embodied within the Oxford English Dictionary. I think you will find neither "funer" nor "funner" in that particular tome. Compared to the "Oxford English", any other dictionary (complete with all its' errors, omissions, and other imperfections) is frankly a total irrelevance. showing no entries for funner; and the only occurrence of the letters "funer" is in the incomplete spelling of funeral embodied within the numerous quotations that the Oxford reference has deemed worthy of citing. Perhaps you would like to identify this marvelous Dictionary of yours that purports to outsmart the Oxford English Dictionary?

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I have the Oxford Dictionary on my computer. "FUNNER" shows up as a different tense of "FUN". Try and argue this all you ant, but it's there.

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It's not in my Oxford.

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fun, funny, funnier, funniest *maybe*
but as Harley said, youd say more fun.
ex1: it would be 'fun(n)er' if ________.
***ex2: it would be more fun if ________.***
you could say it however, but its grammatically incorrect.

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@Dominique Vaughn,she didnt say "funner" she said "funer" but either way, its not a word.

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Well I have the New Oxford Dictionary, looks like you need to update.

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yes funner is a word!!!!

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No,but people still use it as a word.

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*Well I have the New Oxford Dictionary, looks like you need to update* ... making assumptions? I renew my Oxford every year.

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Yeah, they call that a neologism, when you create a word to fill a gap in your language. 'Funner' certainly would fill a gap because funnier does not adequately explain that something is 'more fun', rather it refers to something that is 'more funny'. Like King Pumpkin said, if enough people pick the word up, there is every chance that many years down the track it will become accepted as a real word. For now though, it's a slang term.

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Well then you obviously read it wrong.

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I think you're the one who's wrong. As you can clearly see, I'm a rather proficient reader and writer and I would know if I came across such a linguistically flawed word as "funner". Though, I don't blame you for getting it wrong ... you're rather flawed, yourself.

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maybe i shouldn't have asked that question there's lot of bickering

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Sorry for the bickering, but funner is a word. Some people are just so damn uptight they can't admit they're wrong.

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Okay .. let me make it simpler, because you obviously can't grasp this concept ... what we are trying to say is that it's not a *proper* word - it's grammatically incorrect and informal ... slang. Slang words can be *words* by lazy definition, but they are not *proper* words .... see the difference between a proper word, which "funner" is not, and slang. Not all slang *words* need be identified as *words*. Therefore, "funner" is NOT a word by proper definition.

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It's in the dictionary. It's proper. Funner is a word.

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Not proper ... get over it, already.

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I would if you would just admit I'm right.

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no; 'more fun' or 'funnier' makes sense:)

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